Song Review: “Royal Flush” by Rae Sremmurd ft. Young Thug

Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug Hit the Jackpot with 'Royal Flush' – A Winning Collaboration on Sremm 4 Life

“Royal Flush,” a brand-new tune from Rae Sremmurd’s latest album, Sremm 4 Life, features Young Thug and demonstrates the duo’s natural chemistry. The trio has previously cooperated on several tracks, including “Throw Sum Mo” and “Pere,” and this latest collaboration is no exception. “Royal Flush,” with its captivating beats and enticing lyrics, is a hit that will keep fans coming back for more.

The song, produced by Chopsquad DJ and Mike WiLL Made-It, is structured around a banger of a rhythm that emphasizes the braggadocious character of the lyrics. The chorus of the song, performed by Swae Lee and Young Thug, praises the artists’ achievements and victories, declaring, “Played the hand I was dealt, that’s a royal flush.” This line’s creative wordplay and imagery not only produce a memorable hook, but also set the tone for the rest of the song.

The verses showcase Young Thug and Slim Jxmmi’s contrasting rap styles, with Thug’s famous ad-libs and flows combining smoothly with Jxmmi’s hyperactive delivery. Thug’s verse emphasizes his money and achievement, with lines such as “Put Balenci’s on my ass, I got bags of cash” and “Harriet Tubman, twenty-dollar bills in the stash.” These songs depict opulence and extravagance, demonstrating Thug’s distinct linguistic prowess.

Slim Jxmmi’s verse expands on the topic of money and achievement, including high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Patek Philippe watches. Jxmmi also injects some levity into the song with lines like “I just shit on my ex, now that’s a royal flush,” connecting the verse back to the song’s major topic. This smart wordplay, humor, and swagger all contribute to a memorable and interesting stanza.

Swae Lee not only sings the chorus, but also the pre-chorus and intro. His lyrical, sing-song flow on lines like “Swarovski on diamonds, but I be on prima donnas” adds depth to the song, contrasting with the more violent rap verses. Swae Lee’s ability to swing between rap and melody demonstrates his versatility as an artist and adds to “Royal Flush’s” overall appeal.

The production of the song, overseen by Chopsquad DJ and Mike WiLL Made-It, is a prominent feature. The beat is upbeat and infectious, and it serves as a good framework for the artists’ performances. The song’s production is polished and professional thanks to the utilization of high-quality studio staff such as recording engineers Randy Lanphear, Swae Lee, and Darryle “Rell” Gayle, as well as mixing and mastering engineer Jess Jackson.

“Royal Flush” exemplifies Rae Sremmurd’s ongoing development and evolution as artists. Their collaboration with Young Thug pulls out the best in all three performers, resulting in a music that will undoubtedly be a fan favorite. The song’s infectious hook, engaging verses, and polished production make it a standout on the Sremm 4 Life album and a deserving addition to the discographies of Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug.

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