Song Review: “Sorry Not Sorry” By Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator’s latest single “Sorry Not Sorry,” from his forthcoming deluxe album Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, is a brutally raw and introspective track in which he apologizes to various people for his previous behavior.

The music begins with DJ Drama repeatedly screaming, “I’m sorry!” which sets the tone for Tyler’s barrage of explanations throughout the desert-set video. The accompanying music video is similarly vibrant, depicting the rapper in all his musical incarnations, from Wolf Haley to Tyler Baudelaire.

Tyler apologizes to his mother, former friends, and love interests in the confessional song for being too egotistic. He even apologizes to his ancestors, individuals he lied to about his sexual orientation, and those whose pronouns he mispronounces.

The content covers various topics, including environmentalism, racism, and social justice. Tyler even admits to buying climate-destroying cars, polluting the environment, and failing to honor his ancestors correctly. “Sorry Not Sorry” is a complex composition with many layers that reward repeated listens.

Musically, the track includes a sample from the soul and funk band Brighter Side of Darkness’ 1978 track “He Made You Mine.” Tyler’s performance is flawless, alternating between sincere and sarcastic apologies. He is also unapologetic about his ability, knowledge, and passion, which he backs up with certainty.

Tyler concludes the song by stating, “I got two words, fuck ’em,” which encapsulates his defiant and unapologetic attitude throughout the song.

“Sorry Not Sorry” strongly adds to Tyler, The Creator’s catalog. It demonstrates his development as an artist and a human being as he confronts his previous mistakes and seeks redemption. The song’s accompanying music video showcases Tyler’s evolution as an artist and his willingness to play with various styles and personas.

Tyler’s ability to seamlessly blend various genres and themes distinguishes him as one of his age’s most exciting and innovative artists. “Sorry Not Sorry” is a must-listen for any Tyler, The Creator fan, and it will undoubtedly win him new admirers.

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