Song Review: “Sunflawa” By Cheque & Crayon

"Sunflawa: A Harmonious Collaboration Between Cheque and Crayon. A Melodic Love Song For Nigeria's Music Scene"


Nigerian singer, Cheque, has made a strong start to his 2023 musical campaign with a captivating new single, “Sunflawa.” In this release, he collaborates with Mavin Records and Blowtime Ent singer, Crayon, resulting in a remarkable synergy that enhances the song’s appeal.Song Review: &Quot;Sunflawa&Quot; By Cheque &Amp; Crayon, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024

Musical Style and Composition

“Sunflawa” is a testament to Cheque’s versatility as an artist. The song showcases his romantic side, blending melody and rhythm to create a dynamic performance that captivates listeners. The beats, crafted by acclaimed beatsmith, Ozedikus, provide a solid foundation for the artists’ vocals, enhancing the song’s overall appeal.

Lyrics and Themes

The lyrics of “Sunflawa” are a playful and romantic expression of admiration for a woman. Cheque and Crayon use catchy phrases and metaphors, such as “You carry two apples come make I bite you ahn,” to convey their affection. The recurring phrase “Sawa sawa sawa sawa sawa sawa ooo, Shey e go be say you go follow me see my mama o” is a testament to the artists’ ability to create memorable hooks that resonate with their audience.


The collaboration with Crayon adds an extra layer of depth and richness to the song. The seamless blend of their voices creates a harmonious and melodic synergy that is sure to resonate with their fans. This collaboration not only enhances the song but also highlights the artists’ ability to work together to create a compelling musical piece.


“Sunflawa” is a remarkable follow-up to Cheque’s previous release, “Holy Gee.” The song further solidifies Cheque’s position as one of Nigeria’s most promising talents and showcases his ability to deliver captivating music that transcends genres. With its impressive blend of melody and rhythm, “Sunflawa” is set to draw more attention to Cheque’s growing influence in the music industry. As we anticipate more releases from this talented artist, “Sunflawa” sets the bar high for what’s to come.

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