T.D. Jakes “T.D. JAKES Presents FINALLY LOOSED” Album Review


T.D. Jakes

    • Genre: Gospel
    • Date: 20 Sep, 2022
    • Content: Not-explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 8
  • ℗ 2022 Dexterity Sounds, under exclusive license to Roc Nation Records, LLC

The T.D. Jakes album, “Finally Loosed,” aims to touch people’s hearts with its messages of faith, hope, and acknowledging God’s strength while also enjoying His blessings and showing reverence for Him. If you’re seeking for some form of inspiration and soul-lifting, this is the entire project. Amazing production, fantastic vocals on exhibit, and overall deserving of all the praise available.

Album Cover Art

T.d. Jakes &Quot;T.d. Jakes Presents Finally Loosed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 8, 2023

Pastor Jakes, in his typical manner, has a fisted hand raised to his face, with a calm smile of fulfilment playing on his face, while a golden silk material flies freely behind him depicting triumph over, in this case, being bound.

Tracks and Features

The 8-track LP opens with Tamar Braxton and New Breed’s “The Glory.” The calm and gratitude-filled track seeks to help worshippers acknowledge the power of God in changing the ‘narratives’ of their lives. The lyrics’ intention of driving the message of gratitude and the accordance of ‘the glory’ to God does not go amiss here as it is evident from the beginning. The soulful tune is an amazing listen and the sonorous vocals of Tamar and New Breed on background vocals wonderfully complement themselves whilst blending together.

The second track, “Let it Go,” has Jessica Reedy on it. The track begins with a brief sermon by T.D. Jakes which gives way to the graceful vocals of Jessica on a typical R&B-type beat. There’s a brief interlude of strings just before the song trails off, amidst the speakings in background by the pastor. It’s a song of hope and encouragement for people who are having a tough time ‘letting go’ of things God is trying to remove from their present. Jessica’s verses are so apt as people who are in this category will come to understand. Overall, it’s a great composition and the message is loud and crystal.

Jason Nelson and Jessica Reedy team up on “Mirrors,” another soulful tune that tends to speak to folks with heavy hearts. It’s a song of resilience, courage and encouragement. It’s a song about self-love and the duet is just splendid! The grand piano chords and the silky riffs aid with passing the message even more accurately.

“What Will It Take” featuring April Nevels and Brightnie Wiley is a danceable track that is strong on the messages of justice, love of self and others, and showing care where possible, remembering we all are humans before anything else. The track also sees pastor TD Jakes waging war on injustice, racism and greed.

Brightnie and Sheila E. come in on “No Limit” and says with God, we won’t be defeated and in him there’s no limit. The Caribbean-style track will have you moving your body in no time. “Determined To Win” is a track that is big on encouraging the listener to keep pushing and fighting and never giving up. The lyrics encourage the listener to keep hope alive. This track has Bettina Pennon on it. As usual, snippets of T.D. Jakes’s sermons can be heard on the track at intervals.

The amazing vocals of Maranda Curtis Jackson comes in on “Never Want to Leave This Place,” and this embodies true worship. The choir’s vocals are beautifully synced and the delivery is on point. The lyrics pay reverence to God, accordingly offering praise and worship to Him. The modulation, ad-libs and the vocalizations make the arrangement of this track so lovely, allowing the listener connect almost immediately with the message.

The album closes on a rather lively note, with Alvin Garrett’s “Lift It Up.” This song—as with most of the tracks on the project, — is placing a lot of focus on encouraging the down-trodden and drilling positivity into gloomy hearts. The lyrics suggest praises as a means to heal from internal turmoil. Best to ‘lift it up’ to God than allow it eat away at your esteem.






1THE GLORY (feat. New Breed)Tamar Braxton6:14
2LET IT GOT.D. Jakes & Jessica Reedy3:36
3MIRRORJessica Reedy & Jason Nelson3:51
4WHAT WILL IT TAKET.D. Jakes, April Nevels & Brightnie Wylie4:06
5NO LIMITBrightnie Wylie & Sheila E.4:20
6DETERMINED TO WINT.D. Jakes & Bettina Pennon4:01
8LIFT IT UPAlvin Garrett3:24

Album Theme

The album revolves around worship to God and upliftment to men.

Production Credits

That information has not been made available.


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