Tinashe “333” (Deluxe) Album Review

333 (Deluxe)


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2022-03-03
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20
  • ℗ 2022 Tinashe Music Inc., under exclusive license to Equity Distribution

Tinashe celebrated her 29th birthday on Sunday (Feb. 6) and decided to give a gift to fans instead of receiving one. They were more than happy to accept this present from the R&B singer.

The deluxe album was released on March 3rd, which seems to be a nod to the title of the actual album. If you haven’t listened to the original version of 333, you are truly missing out. But not to worry, this piece of R&B perfection is but a continuation of the original version. A seamless transition from the 16th track, where the original version of the album ended, into the 17th to 20th track, making it four new additions to the 333 pack.

The new tracks on this deluxe album are “17 Something Like a Heartbreak,” “18 HMU For a Good Time” feat. Channel Tres, “19 Naturally,” and “20 Woke Up Blessed.” Ultimately, it’s that breezy, impish spirit that most distinguishes 333 and its predecessor from her RCA albums.

Early in her career, Tinashe was uncomfortably lumped with the era’s alternative-R&B movement and was too often cast against vibey, overly serious production that snuffed out her natural ebullience. With its stodgy interludes and thick ambience, even her excellent 2014 debút Aquarius occasionally dragged. But 333 never does.

It’s Tinashe’s second consecutive triumph, another gregarious rebuke of the notion that R&B has to be difficult or demanding to be transcendent.

Album Cover Artwork

Tinashe &Quot;333&Quot; (Deluxe) Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024
Album Cover Artwork For Tinashe&Rsquo;S &Ldquo;333&Rdquo; (Deluxe Edition)

The new cover art is futuristic, with Tinashe coming through metal bars in a green and black mesh bodysuit. The songstress also unveiled presumably the back of the album where computer wires are coursing through her veins, and a computer chip is lodged in her palm.

In the new cover artwork, Tinashe looks ready to take on the world, unlike the first, original version that was released last year, where the “2 On” singer appeared lost, scared, and maybe even stranded, as is seen from her demeanour and her slouched sitting posture. Another difference to spot is the change in her outlook and outfit. The new cover portrays some fiery feistiness written all over the singer, head to toe.

Deluxe Edition Tracks And Features

Continuing from where she had stopped on the original version of 333, Tinashe kicks off the deluxe edition journey with “Something Like a Heartbreak” coming in at track 17, where she sings about a lopsided past relationship to which she gave her all with the purest of intentions, only to get with rewarded games, and ultimately heartbreak.


NO Title Time
1 Let Go 1:53
2 I Can See the Future 2:56
3 X (feat. Jeremih) 2:51
4 Shy Guy 1:06
5 Bouncin 2:55
6 Unconditional 3:17
7 Angels (feat. Kaash Paige) 2:49
8 333 (feat. Absolutely) 3:01
9 Undo (Back To My Heart) Feat. Wax Motif 3:17
10 Let Me Down Slowly 3:05
11 Last Call 3:40
12 The Chase 3:11
13 Pasadena 2:56
14 Small Reminders 4:30
15 Bouncin’, Pt. 2 3:21
16 It’s a Wrap (feat. Quiet Child & KUDZAI) 2:20
17 Something Like a Heartbreak 3:08
18 HMU for a Good Time 4:07
19 Naturally 3:14
20 Woke Up Blessed 3:32

On the 18th song, “HMU for a Good Time”, the singer tapped Channel Tres for a feature on the bouncy, EDM-esque jam that has Tres mouthing some words as the up-tempo beat kept rolling. Tinashe expressed how “she got the juice” and therefore should be considered to be hit up for whoever wants a good time.

The beat slows down on “Natural”, where Tinashe is speaking to her estranged love interest to let her into his world once again, even if it’s just for a night, as she knows him like no other ever would because understanding him comes naturally to her. A true romantic song.

Rounding off the deluxe movement with “Woke Up Blessed”, she brings on the assistance of Christian Blue, who does a little rap flow before Tinashe gives a piece of her mind to the naysayers and trolls and haters and everyone that tried to poop on her game and career, including record labels that “tried to put her in a hole”.

The singer acknowledges all she’s been through and views them all as stepping stones, saying “sticks and stones can’t hurt her no more” and that she was going to “live her best life”. An epic curtain fall.


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