Tope Alabi “Igbowo Eda” Album Review

Igbowo Eda

Tope Alabi

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Date: 12 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 13
  • ℗ 2023 Gospel Vibez Ltd.

“Igbowo Eda” is the name of a brand-new project by Nigerian gospel singer, film composer, and actress Tope Alabi. The new body of work has 13 tracks with a spiritual theme. Tope Alabi is a talented native Nigerian gospel singer whose music has always helped her followers grow spiritually. She continues to write songs that lift the soul; her latest album is no exception. As they demonstrate Tope’s enormous talent and love for using music to spread the gospel, all of the songs on the new album have already begun to gather popularity among followers worldwide.

Album Cover Art

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Tope looks stunning in an all-white ensemble with her hands clasped together as she gazes into the distance while wearing a soft smile on her nicely glammed-up face.

Tracks and Features

The album opener, “Mimo Loluwa Oba Ara,” is a song of deep appreciation to God. It is entirely performed in Tope’s indigenous Yoruba tongue. It almost sounds like a soundtrack to a Mount Zion film. The backup vocals make the song more enjoyable to listen to. When the song starts to near its end, Tope bursts into worship declarations, also done in Yoruba, while the choir chants one line on repeat. Next is “Isi Owo Re,” which in English translates to “the works of your hands.” This is also another song of worship to God for His marvelous works. Again, her backup does an excellent job. Also, including the Yoruba talking drums couldn’t have been more fitting.

In “Doing That Thing For Me,” Tope thanks God for His kindness and all He has done for her and her life. You can feel the sincerity in her voice as she expresses herself to God. The vibe is just gentle and easygoing but will move you to move at some point. The instrumentalists understand the assignment. Next is the title track, which is also performed in Yoruba. Again, it’s a song of worship to God for His assistance and timely intervention. While Tope did her thing, the blend of the song’s instrumentation and the harmony from the backup vocals was lovely.

“The Name Jesus” declares supremacy in the name of Jesus. Tope sings that it’s a name powerful enough to make all knees bow and that it’s a name everyone must adore. She throws a little reggae vibe into the mix as she also includes some English in the song’s lyrics, which helps non-speakers of Yoruba understand the message more clearly. She shares God’s goodness on “Bounty Bounty” and describes them as bountiful. Similarly, she encourages listeners and prays God’s goodness finds them.

“Adura Mi” is a reflective song of adoration and worship of God. Tope sings and expresses herself to God in her native language. She works well with her backup singers to bring out the emotions contained in the record. “Mo Se Ba” follows and finds Tope singing about God’s might and greatness. It’s also a song of worship. The backup choir again pulls their weight on this song, assisting Tope to deliver effortlessly.

Coming down to the Nathaniel Bassey-featured “Jesus Reigns,” Alabi hails the supremacy and kingship of Jesus. And for the song’s seven-minute playtime, the iconic singer continues showering praises on Jesus, though in her native tongue. Bassey also brings the needed energy for a worship song of this nature. Finally, “Oruko Jesu,” which means “the name of Jesus,” brings the album to a close. And just like the song title implies, it is a song of worship and adoration that focuses on the name of Jesus. And Tope did a fine job drawing the curtain with some chill orchestra feel.


1 Mimo L’Oluwa Oba Ara 5:26
2 Ise Owo Re 7:04
3 Do That Thing 5:16
4 Igbowo Eda 6:21
5 The Name Jesus 4:41
6 Adura Mi 6:33
7 Bounty Bounty 4:11
8 Mo Se Ba 5:27
9 Jesus Reigns (feat. Nathaniel Bassey) 6:58
10 Toju Inu 6:14
11 Aye 9:23
12 Ore Ofe Jesu 5:33
13 Oruko Jesu 6:10

Album Theme

Tope made Jesus the central theme for the album. It’s also a worship album that seizes every chance to give glory to God. The singer also found avenues to encourage and uplift her listeners.

Production Credits

Details about the album’s production have not been disclosed.


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