Travis Greene “Expect Impossible (NYE Live)” Album Review

Expect Impossible (NYE Live)

Travis Greene’s “Expect Impossible (NYE Live)” is a motivational and energizing Christian album that will undoubtedly affect listeners’ hearts and spirits. Travis reminds us that everything is possible with God by guiding us on a musical journey of faith, hope, and endurance with his soulful voice and stirring lyrics. “Expect Impossible (Live)” is an album that will speak to your heart and remind you of the strength of faith and the love of God, whether you’ve been a Christian your entire life or are just looking for hope and inspiration.

Album Cover Art

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In cassette tape format, the album can be seen resting on a purple rug. It also shares a striking resemblance with curly hair strands, so it gets pretty hard to tell, which makes the cover the more intriguing.

Tracks and Features

Piano keys are the first things you hear on the first track, “Expect Impossible (NYE Live),” which features Tony Fresh. In the song, Greene recounts the seemingly impossible things God has done in the past and believes He can still accomplish what He says He will do. He sings about his God being able to do anything He wants to. This is also a song of inspiration for those losing faith in God. Both artists are blessed with incredible vocal range and utilize it entirely on this track. The choir also comes in clutch. He continues the message on “Watch Him Turn It (NYE Live),” and Shomoneik joins him. They sing about God changing situations and narratives, especially if Luci had other evil plans. So, they collectively praise God for His powerful might.

Greene and Forward City team up for “God Alone (NYE Live),” a song of assurance in God. They are convinced that no mountain is immovable with God on their side. They take pride in the fact that God only God can do everything, which, of course, includes the impossible. For the next song, “I Remember (NYE Live),” he invites Titus Tucker, and they sing about never forgetting what God had told them, all his promises. While they vow to remember, they express their faith in God and worship Him for their salvation. Everyone brought their A-energy on this one, the choir included.

Tony Fresh makes another appearance on “Stay Here (NYE Live).” Greene begins the tune with vulnerability, explaining that he is learning to trust and wait on God. So, he gets practical, saying he’ll stay before God and won’t move without him. And that no matter what comes his way, he trusts God’s words. You can hear his emotions from the texture of his voice on this record, which is incredible and helps drive the message forward. On “Holy Only (NYE Live),” featuring D’Nar and Chaquanna Iman, they worship God for His holiness. The guest artists show up with solid and fiery vocals, sprinkling more spice on the moving tune.

We hear Titus Tucker again on “Near (NYE Live),” which also features the gorgeous vocals of Kenya Moore. They sing with confidence in the fact that God is always close and will never lie since He has promised never to leave. Finally, the energetic “Praise Break (NYE Live)” featuring Forward City again brings the live album to an end. The upbeat tune praises God for his mighty works and works well as the perfect outro.


  1. Expect Impossible (NYE Live) (feat. Tony Fresh)
  2. Watch Him Turn It (NYE Live) (feat. Shomoneik)
  3. God Alone (NYE Live)
  4. I Remember (NYE Live) (feat. Titus Tucker)
  5. Tent Revival (NYE Live) (feat. D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman)
  6. Stay Here (NYE Live) (feat. Tony Fresh)
  7. Holy Only (NYE Live) [D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman] (feat. D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman)
  8. Near (NYE Live) (feat. Titus Tucker & Kenya Moore)
  9. Impossible (NYE Live) (feat. Chaquanna Iman & Jayci Lyn)
  10. Found (NYE Live) (feat. Tony Fresh)
  11. Praise Break (NYE Live)

Album Theme

Greene acknowledged the greatness of God and how He excels in impossible situations. It’s an album of worship, gratitude, and encouragement.

Production Credits

Information on the album’s production is scarce.


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