Wande Coal “Legend Or No Legend” Album Review

Legend Or No Legend

Wande Coal

  • Genre: African
  • Date: 18 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 13
  • ℗ 2023 Starstruck Management / EMPIRE

After much waiting, Nigerian singer-songwriter Wande Coal has finally released his long-awaited album, “Legend Or No Legend.” Wande Coal’s amazing talent is once again on display in the eagerly awaited project, which also reinforces his reputation as a seasoned musician in Nigeria.

The album features an astonishing collection of 13 songs, each of which has been meticulously chosen to provide a distinctive and engrossing musical experience. Wande Coal takes listeners on a musical trip that crosses genres and showcases his versatility as a musician with his distinctive blend of Afrobeat, R&B, and deep melodies.

Album Cover Art

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Looking the part of a legend, Wande is dressed in a fancy all-black outfit and posing in front of a Rolls-Royce like pulled up to a high-profile event and the paparazzi cannot get enough of him.

Tracks and Features

WCizzy sets out with “Nobody Holy” as the first track on the album. Wande gets as real as real can be, singing about everyday life and the flaws that accompany the human nature. WC is all about embracing our human frailties and wishes everyone would quit being what they’re not. The beat was made for Wande and he owned it. The backup vocals also bring their spice.

Moving into the second song, “Come My Way,” the good vibes continue. Wande noticed that some haters desired to get him blind because he was seeing too much green. So, he turns the song into a prayer and asks that his haters never catch a whiff of him, especially when there’s a big bag in sight. Again, he ruled the beat.

When the black diamond says he looking for a “3 Square Meal,” he’s talking million-dollar deals and ridiculous amounts of foreign currency. But what is most spectacular about this unfathomably sweet song is Coal’s genius OG flow. Only Wande can pull off this kind of delivery with ease. The man is just having fun at this point. For some seconds at the end of this song, WC tried his hands at comedy and it was giving! If you didn’t laugh or smile or giggle there, you might need that therapy sooner than you think.

For the next track, “Dues,” Wande shed his skin and turned into a wild beast. While he delves into some details about his crazy-ass superstar lifestyle, the WC lets us know why there really is no one like Wande with a ravenous upbeat Trap flow that leaves you in shock. “King Coal needs a standing ovation,” he sings, and we couldn’t agree more.

The braggadocio side of WC comes out to play on “E Choke,” the Kel-P-produced tune. Coal beat his chest on the track and declared himself HIM. And what he does with his verses are ingeniously insane. No doubt, Kel-P understood the assignment, so it was a lovely collaboration of two masters at their games. Next is “Let Them Know,” where Wande advises his lover to keep his plans for her on the d-low. Again, WC’s veteran experience gives him a smooth surf on the beat. While he smothers his lover with premium treats, he also has his eye on the bag. The duo of Kel-P and WC created this one, and as usual, hand-in-glove musical chemistry.

Because it takes one to know one, WC taps a fellow legend, US OG singer T-Pain for “Streets.” Both artists complement each other in an incredible manner. Pain tore open the song with one of his most fiery verses yet. Though they have nothing to prove, they still remind us that they are woven into the fabrics of the streets and have solid street cred. Kel-P did his thing here too.

Baddo shows up to the party in the Kel-P-produced “Kpe Paso,” the second lead single preceding the album, and joins the black diamond to cause mayhem on the dancefloor. Wiz and stellar production from P.Priime join Wande in “Ebelebe.” Everyone involved on the song come through with their A-game. Wande’s flow take us to India in “Genesis,” where he gives himself his roses as he reflects on his journey. From that we move to the beautiful duet between him and Fireboy DML. In addition, those harmonizing falsetto ad-libs at the end was outstanding.

From wooing his love interest and using enchanting melodies to tell us he’s the man in the potential party banger, “Sho Ma Gba,” we come down to the final song on the record, the sentimental “Don’t Feel Love.” Wande gives a little insight into why his heart turned cold over a calm Kel-P-produced beat, ending things on a vulnerable note.


1 Nobody Holy
2 Come My Way
3 3 Square Meal
4 Dues
5 E Choke
6 Let Them Know
7 Streets (feat. T-Pain)
8 Kpe Paso (feat. Olamide)
9 Ebelebe (feat. Wizkid)
10 Genesis
11 Jabo (feat. Fireboy DML)
12 Sho Ma Gba
13 Don’t Feel Love

Album Theme

Wande passed vital life lessons while sharing personal experiences. But he expertly preserved the melodious vibe and fun.

Production Credits

CCeasr Biahute, Dunni Alexandra Lawal, Dunnie, KDream, Kel P, Olutowa Ojosipe, P.Priime, Screwface & Wande Coal produced the classic new album.


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