Wet Leg “Wet Leg” Album Review

Read our full review of Wet Lag's eponymous debut album "Wet Lag".

Artist: Wet Leg

Album Title: Wet Leg

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-04-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2022 Domino Recording Co Ltd

On April 8, British West Indie Rock band, Wet Lag released their debut album. Founded in 2019 by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, the band first gained prominence in 2021 when their debut single, “Chaise Longue” became a viral hit. The song became a major success garnering millions of streams across various streaming platforms and views for its official video.

Following the song’s success, the band announced via Domino in November 2021 that they would be releasing their debut album. The songs “Too Late Now” and “Oh No” were released on the same day. The album was finally released on Friday, April 8, and has received praise from the fans. There is no doubt about their future in the music industry.


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&Ldquo;Wet Lag&Rdquo; Album Cover

If simple ever made a resounding statement, Wet Lag’s debut album does it better. The new “Wet Lag” album cover is one of the simplest yet intriguing covers today. The cover art features members Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers with their backs turned to the camera and hands held across their backs. The cover art shows so much, including unity and peace.


Like most rock albums released this year, Wet Band delivers their debut album solo. Many bands are known to have gone entirely solo on their debut projects. It helps register their sound as newcomers on the Rock scene. They deliver all 12 tracks of the album solo.

The new “Wet Lag” album spawned its first popular hit before it was released. The band’s debut single, “Chaise Longue” was first released in June 2021. The song became an instant success following its release. It garnered millions of streams across various streaming platforms, with the song’s official music video gaining millions of views on YouTube.

For a first release, the song gained the band a lot of acclaim across various popular publications after it went viral online. Three months after the song’s success, Wet Lag released the album’s second official single, “Wet Dream” on September 28. They promoted the song with a self-directed music video. The song will be promoted to alternative radio in the United States later on April 19.

Two months after, on November 29, the band made a double-single release, “Too Late Now” and “Oh No”. A Sci-fi was released to promote “Too Late Now”, while another music video was filmed and released for “Oh No”. Other popular singles released from the album include “Angelica” and “Ur Mum” released on February 28 and April 4. The album is full of intriguing tracks.


No Title Time
1 Being in Love 2:02
2 Chaise Longue 3:19
3 Angelica 3:52
4 I Don’t Wanna Go Out 3:41
5 Wet Dream 2:20
6 Convincing 2:37
7 Loving You 3:39
8 Ur Mum 3:21
9 Oh No 2:29
10 Piece of Shit 2:48
11 Supermarket 3:10
12 Too Late Now 3:29

Production & Vocal Delivery

With a playing length of over 36 minutes, the recording and production process of the “Wet Lag” album began in April 2021. It was produced by Dan Carey, Jon McMullen, and Josh Mobaraki. The duo, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, co-wrote the songs on the album. Joshua Omead Mobaraki and Michael Champion also appear on the album as co-writers. They each contribute to the album’s singles “Wet Dream”, and “Too Late Now”. Teasdale and Chambers both deliver the vocals on all the tracks in the album. From the project’s production to the vocal delivery, the album is well crafted.


Wet Lag first made its mark when releasing the viral single “Chaise Longue”. The song registered the duo as a known name in Rock music. This weekend, the band released their debut album cementing their place as a known rock band in the industry. The album proves just how much the duo is worth all the attention they’ve gotten since they released it. There is no doubt that the project will draw even more attention to the band. The “Wet Lag” is a new classic for the rock scene.


Listeners Review

By karlex.7u7
Just bad

worst album
By Bunlindu
bad album

80’s Vibes
By ChezRobert
Originality that’s what this band brings out.Something that is severely lacking in corporate run music. With punk vibes this is going to be big because it is different and it is good.

Someone really needed to teach America to say Chaise Longue
By Wasloki
Good luck getting these songs out of your head! Wicked post punk feel power.

Wet Leg
By Jack fish 1
I can’t wait for this entire record!! They are amazing

Can’t get enough
By alli138
I loooooove Wet Leg. So different and so needed. Alt rock has hit a wall and these girls are breaking it down. Can’t wait for the whole album.

Chaise Lounge
By jennyypig1.0
Best song of the year. Have had it on repeat since early summer.

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