Yeat “AftërLyfe” Album Review



  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 24 Feb, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 22
  • A Field Trip Recordings/Geffen Records Release; ℗ 2023 Geffen Records

Yeat, an American rap superstar, has released the whole new album “AftërLyfe.” The album is a heavyduty 22-tracker that follows on the heels of his previous release yet provides an altogether different aural landscape. His gift for catchy songwriting remains intact, despite the fact that the production this time around is substantially more experimental than his prior efforts, and the three alter egos that he presents throughout each have their own distinctive features.

Album Cover Art

Yeat &Quot;Aftërlyfe&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 1, 2024

Approaching this innovative work of art with the literal meaning of the album title gives it a different appeal. In a black-and-white theme, Yeat appears to be in a puffer jacket with his iced-out personal effects on him and a pair of pants. However, the remarkable part is in the concept and editing. The image was creatively transformed into what would seem like an x-ray of a zombie or that of a human in the AftërLyfe.

Tracks and Features

The album’s opening track, “No More Talk,” features some farty synthesizers and hi-hats while the album’s sole feature, “Shmunk,” embraces the wrath as YoungBoy Never Broke Again tags along so they can flaunt their mobsters’ connections. In “Bttr 0ff,” Bugz Ronin’s bell-infused trap instrumental, the rapper admits that he could care less about what people think and doesn’t have time for the fuss. However, “Rav3 P4rty,” which features dulio talking about being on the edge, has a more dance-influenced sound.

Yeat is hoping he could feel on “Nun id change” while also talking about how he isn’t friendly and never leaves the crib without the strap on “Woa!,” which is over a wavy trap rhythm. Prior to “Slamm,” which sonically harkens back to his earlier work as the dude steps on his opposition, “Now” breaks through with an experimental sound and confesses that he hears voices when ‘geeking.’ While “Mëan feen” is a piano-driven trap song that is coming around shooting and sliding all over town, “7 nightz” comes through with some additional synths and hi-hats estimating that he has been fucked up under the influence for almost a week.

While “Sum 2 do” brings back the fury beats to remind everyone that he is the one shaking up the game, “How it go” is a homage to the lifestyle he leads now over an aggressive instrumental. After Yeat acknowledges that he has relapsed on percocet, the instrumental tone shifts to “Back up,” and “Split” follows with an explosive hypertrap jam that is dedicated to Bentleys and women who aspire to be as wealthy as him. Although the self-produced “Bad bënd (DëMON)” was actually recorded two years ago, it remains a fan-favorite in the track listing due to its addictive beat and lyrics about doing whatever the listener wants, in contrast to “Hëavyweight,” which declares its champion over some bass and hi-hats.

Whereas “Shhhh” features a booming bass-line boasting about being nowhere near the same level as anybody else in the game, “Watch” has a more understated sound as he tells listeners to sit back and watch how he does it when he drops. While the song “Type monëy” features him swerving over a catchy beat, “Back homë” is an acoustic trap cut that contrasts and compares his life then and now. The penultimate track, “Dëmon tied,” begins with the Devil observing his eyes over a hazy instrumental, and the final track, “Mysëlf,” pays homage to being true to oneself.


1 No morë talk 3:58
2 Shmunk (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) 3:49
3 Bëttr 0ff 3:50
4 Rav3 p4rty (feat. Kranky Kranky) 3:18
5 Nun id change 3:31
6 Woa…! 2:50
7 Now (feat. LUH GEEKY) 4:32
8 Slamm 2:25
9 7 nightz 3:04
10 Mëan feen (feat. Kranky Kranky) 3:12
11 How it go 3:04
12 Sum 2 do 2:32
13 Back up 2:13
14 Split 2:23
15 Bad bënd / DëMON 3:02
16 Hëavyweight 2:28
17 Watch 2:16
18 Shhhh 3:13
19 Back homë 3:30
20 Type monëy 3:12
21 Dëmon tied 2:43
22 Mysëlf 2:30

Album Theme

Yeat displays comfort in vulnerability while having experimental fun.

Production Credits

Producers on the new record include: 2AAB, Arman Andican, Aunix, BEAUTIFULMVN, BNYX®, Bred (Producer), Bugz Ronin, CHASETHEMONEY, Chef9thegod, Colin Magdamo, DKanee, Dream Awake, Yeat and a few other names.


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