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Alka Yagnik Basic Information Summary

Stage Name: Alka Yagnik
Real Name: Alka Yagnik
Occupation: Playback Singer
Date Of Birth/Age: March 20, 1966
Place of Birth: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Married
Education: Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Height: 1.63 m
Net Worth: $8M


Alka Yagnik is one of India’s most well-known playback singers. She primarily worked in Hindi cinema (Bollywood). She is considered to be a well-known and popular singer in Hindi films. She recorded songs in numerous Indian languages for albums and movies throughout her career, which spanned over four decades.

In recognition of this, she won various awards, including two National Film Awards, two Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards, and a record seven Filmfare Awards for Best Female Playback Singer (note 1), out of a total of 36 nominations. One of the most inventive playback singers is Alka Yagnik. She performed a lot of female solos throughout her Bollywood career.

She performed over 20,000 songs in various Indian languages throughout her singing career. According to BBC, her 20 recordings are included in the top 40 tunes of all time. In addition, she topped the list of top international artists compiled by YouTube’s Music Charts Insights in February 2022. She had approximately 300 million views over her 283 weeks on the list.

A Gujarati family welcomed Alka Yagnik into the world on March 20, 1966, in Kolkata. Dharmendra Shankar is her father’s name, and Shubha is her mother’s. Her mother performed Indian classical music. Samir is his brother’s name. She began performing for Akashvani (All India Radio) Calcutta when she was six years old in 1972. At age 10, her mother sent her to Mumbai to pursue a career as a child vocalist. However, she had been told to wait till her voice developed earlier.

Alka Yagnik Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, April 14, 2024
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In Mumbai, Neeraj Kapoor was born in 1970. He is 52 years of age. Regarding Neeraj Kapoor’s parents, there is no information online. Businessman Neeraj Kapoor resides in Shillong. Neeraj tied the knots with playback singer Alka Yagnik in 1989. Together they produced a daughter who they named Syesha Kapoor. According to information on the internet, Neeraj Kapoor’s estimated net worth is four crore Indian rupees.

The couple Alka Yagnik and Neeraj Kapoor have been unitedly for 25 years now and proved that love never gets old. During their marriage, their families objected because Alka Yagnik lived in Mumbai and Neeraj at Shillong. Alka Yagnik and Neeraj Kapoor have been maintaining their distancing for many years now. Neeraj is a businessman at Shillong, and Alka is a famous artist in Mumbai.

Alka Yagnik Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, April 14, 2024
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The only child of Indian Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik is Syesha Kapoor. She was born in Mumbai on December 6, 1989. Unlike her mother, she chose management stream over singing. In 2017, Syesha Kapoor and Amit Desai became husband and wife. She has an MBA in Marketing for Hospitality. Syesha is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in India.

Alka Yagnik Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, April 14, 2024
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Alka was born into a family of Gujratis. Dharmendra Shankar was the name of her father. Shubha Yagnik, her mother, was a classical singer from India. Samir Yagnik is the name of her brother.

Alka Yagnik Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, April 14, 2024
Alka Yagnik Childhood Photo With Her Parents And Brother. Credit: Stars Unfolded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik married?

Kumar Sanu got married to Saloni Sanu, and the couple has a daughter named Annabel K., Which leaves us with a no to that answer.

How many songs are sung by Alka Yagnik?

In her career spanning over four decades, she has sung songs for more than a thousand films and recorded over twenty thousand songs.

Can Alka Yagnik speak Bengali?

She was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, so she speaks fluent Bengali. Heck, there are 16 songs in Bengali Hits Of Alka Yagnik.

What does Alka Yagnik's daughter do?

Unlike her mother, she chose management stream over singing. She’s an entrepreneur.

Does Alka Yagnik still sing?

Yes, she still sings. She was born for it.

Where does Alka Yagnik live?

Alka, in 2021, bought a Rs 5 crore house in Goregaon West, Mumbai from her brother. It’s a tad uncertain if she fully lives there.

Has Alka Yagnik left superstar singer?

The singer remains a judge on the TV show Superstar Singer. She has not left. Not yet, at least.

Is Alka Yagnik still married?

After more than 20 years of marriage, Alka and Neeraj are still together and have no regrets whatsoever. However, due to problems, the pair split up and didn’t see one another for approximately 4-5 years before realizing they were inseparable even from a distance.

Is Alka Yagnik married to Udit Narayan?

No, she is not. They both have different partners.

Is Alka Yagnik related to Lata Mangeshkar?

Alka only cited legendary performer Lata Mangeshkar as an influence; she sang various songs, including item numbers, sorrowful songs, happy songs, and songs about love.

Is Alka Yagnik Punjabi?

Nah, she is Bengali.

Is Alka Yagnik's daughter a singer?

Syesha, her only daughter with Nareej Kapoor, is an entrepreneur.

Is Alka Yagnik daughter married?

In 2017, Syesha got engaged to her beau, Amit Desai. After one year of engagement, Syesha and Amit tied the knot on December 12, 2018.

Where is Alka Yagnik from?

Alka Yagnik was born in a Gujrati family on March 20 1966 in Kolkata, India.

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