Bebe Rexha Biography

Bebe Rexha Basic Information Summary

Stage Name: Bebe Rexha
Real Name: Bleta Rexha
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: August 30, 1989 (34) Years Old
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Tottenville High School
Height: 1.65 m
Net Worth: $7M

Bebe Rexha Biography

Bebe Rexha, a stage name for Bleta Rexha, was born on August 30, 1989, in the United States. Rexha gained songwriting credits on Eminem’s single “The Monster” after joining Warner Records in 2013 and has also contributed to songs by Shinee, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas. “The Monster” later won the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Performance.

Two more extended plays by Rexha were released in 2017, All Your Fault: Pt. 1 and All Your Fault: Pt. 2, and both were moderately successful. Together with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Afrojack on “Hey Mama,” with G-Eazy on “Me, Myself & I,” Martin Garrix on “In the Name of Love,” and Florida Georgia Line on “Meant to Be,” Rexha has also enjoyed success.

“Expectations,” Rexha’s debut studio album, received two nominations for Best New Artist and Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the 61st Grammy Awards. Its lead song, “I’m a Mess,” gained popularity and peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Bebe Rexha Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


Flamur and Bukurije Rexha are Bebe Rexha’s parents. Flamur Rexha, who works as a businessman, is Bebe Rexha’s father. Bukurije Rexha, a homemaker by trade, is the name of Bebe Rexha’s mother.

Bebe Rexha Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


Bukurie/Bukurije and Flamur Rexha, her parents, are of Albanian descent. Her father is from Debar in the Republic of Macedonia, which was formerly known as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In the 1980s, he relocated to the US. The Gostivar-born members of her mother’s family now reside in Macedonia. Staten Island is where Bebe grew up. Her native name Bleta means “bee” in Albanian. As part of her stage name, Rexha gave herself the nickname Bebe.


Bebe Rexha’s boyfriend is Keyan Safyari. From California State University Northridge, Keyan received a BA in Film Production. The Bachelorette, the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, So You Think You Can Dance, MasterChef, and the 2018 and 2019 Emmy Awards are just a few of the productions on which he later worked in a variety of capacities. The “global film, television, and commercial production and production services company” Moving Images Entertainment Inc. was established by Keyan in Los Angeles.

Bebe Rexha Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024

Net Worth

Popular American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha has an estimated net worth of $7 million, according to a number of internet sites (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB). Over the course of her career, Bebe Rexha has made over $7 million from her music. A modest apparel line is also owned by Bebe Rexha. Her earnings from that clothesline total about $200,000. That clothesline makes close to two million dollars in total earnings each year.

She has a couple sponsorship contracts from which she receives over $100,000 annually. Bebe Rexha has real estate investments as well; she owns homes in Los Angeles, California, and Tampa Bay, Florida. Her property on Tampa Bay is estimated to be worth $1 million. Her property in Los Angeles is estimated to be worth $1.09 million.


Bebe Rexha is obviously a woman but with an unexpectedly cool twist. The singer has declared that she “sexually fluid,” having been with people from both sexes. Sexual fluidity is probably the new name for bisexuality. So, yes, Bebe is drawn to both men and women.


Bebe Rexha resides in a lovely home in Hollywood Hills, California. In 2018, the “Meant to Be” singer bought the house. The property cost $2,072,000, but given its high-end features, it appears to have been a wise investment. The house was described as a “designer-done” villa with a “French and Italian Riviera flair” in the listing. The outdoor oasis is enough to give visitors the impression that they are on the perfect vacation. This backyard has it all, from the opulent pool to the panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The walled-off courtyard also contributes to the protection of the artist’s seclusion.

Bebe Rexha Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, an incredible and potent off-road SUV, is kept in Bebe Rexha’s garage and is thought to have cost around 60,000 USD. A supercar is parked in the singer’s backyard as well. A Ferrari 488 Spider belongs to her. The most expensive model of the 488 family, this Ferrari costs 280,000 USD. The second SUV in Bebe Rexha’s car collection, and the most potent SUV overall, is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT. An average Porsche Cayenne costs $180,000 USD.

What is Bebe Rexha's biggest hit?

“I Got You.” The platinum-selling record was released on October 28, 2016, and instantly became an international smash.

What ethnicity is Bebe Rexha?

Bebe Rexha’s ethnicity is Albanian. She holds American and Albanian Nationality

Are Dua LIPA and Bebe Rexha related?

Despite both artists being from Albania, they are not related.

How did Bebe Rexha get famous?

In 2010, Rexha met Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz and began working with him at a recording studio in New York City. She became a member and a lead vocalist of Wentz’s new experimental project called Black Cards.

Are Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha friends?

Nicki is good friends with Bebe.

How does Bebe Rexha pronounce her name?

Like so: “BEE-bee REK-sə.”

Is Bebe Rexha half black?

Rexha is a white Albanian woman.

How much does Bebe Rexha earn?

Bebe Rexha earns an estimated $1.09 million a year.

What is Bebe Rexha natural hair color?

Bebe Rexha dyes her short hair platinum blonde, but she’s naturally a brunette.

Did Bebe Rexha win American Idol?

Rexha eventually did get her shot at Idol, but not as a contestant.

Are Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa related?

Although they are both musicians from Albania, they are not related.

Are Bebe Rexha and G Eazy friends?

They have a cordial relationship and have worked together on a smash record.

Where are Bebe Rexha's parents from?

Her father, Flamur Rexha, was born in Debar, North Macedonia. Her mother, Bukurije Rexha, was born in the United States to an Albanian family with roots in Gostivar, North Macedonia.

How much is Bebe Rexha worth?

She’s worth a cool $7M.

Can Bebe Rexha speak Albanian?

Bebe can speak Albanian a little and does it proudly whenever asked.

Was Bebe Rexha an American Idol contestant?

Sadly, she didn’t make it past her first audition.

Can Bebe Rexha sing?

Pretty well, yes.

Did Bebe Rexha have a baby?

No, she does not.

Did Bebe Rexha date G Eazy?

In the early half of 2017, Bebe was rumored to be dating her collaborator G-Eazy.

Did Bebe Rexha write Tally?

She wrote the song alongside Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet & Soraya La Pread.

Did Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix date?

They were once rumored to have been an item, though that remains a bit uncertain.

Did Bebe Rexha write Ring Ding Dong?

No song with that title appears on the catalog of songs written by her.

Did Bebe Rexha get married?

She once revealed she was almost ‘married off’ when she was a teenager, but she did not get married neither is she presently married.

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