Christian Nodal Biography

Christian Nodal’s Basic Information

Stage Name: Christian Nodal
Real Name: Christian Jesús González Nodal
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: January 11, 1999
Place of Birth: Caborca, Sonora, Mexico
Gender: Male
Nationality: Mexican
Marital Status: Single
Education: Not disclosed
Height: 1.7m
Net Worth: $80M

Christian Nodal’s Biography

Early Life

On January 11th, 1999, Christian Nodal was born. Sonora, Mexico, is where he was born and raised. Nodal’s mother, Silvia Nodal, and father, Jamie Nodal, appear to have passed on to him their euphonious voice and appreciation for fine music (father). Both of his parents attempted to make a living as musicians, but they were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, they were able to recognize his musical talent and supported him by teaching him how to play different instruments and enrolling him in formal music training.

We currently have an ambiguous impression that he is the sole child of his parents because neither his academic career nor Nodal’s statements concerning his siblings have been made public. He enjoys writing and singing in addition to basketball and football.


Since he was a young boy, Nodal has been extremely interested about writing music. He began composing songs when he was in high school, and he has since performed and recorded those words while playing several musical instruments. At the age of 13, he began to videotape and share his performances on social media. Later, in 2016, his talent drew the attention of Fonovisa Records’ A&R (Artists and Repertoire) division, which contacted Nodal about signing him as a featured artist in the music video “No Pasa De Moda.”

The deal was accepted by Nodal, who received 22 million views for the video. In 2017, Nodal released his first single, “Adios Amor,” which peaked at the top of both the Top Latin Songs Chart and the Mexican Regional Songs Chart. He worked with renowned David Bisbal the same year on the song “Probablemente,” which also became a top-charting hit. His critically acclaimed debut studio album, “Me Dejé Lleve,” earned him a Latin Grammy. His second album, “Ahora,” was published in May 2019 and debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top Latin Albums.

He recently released the album “AYAYAY!” in May 2020. He has so far contributed to about 34 songs on a variety of albums, extended playbacks, features, and solos. Along with the Latin Grammy, he also received several Billboard Latin Music Awards, the prestigious Lo Nuestro’s Regional Artist of the Year 2019 award, and the Latin Grammy.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024
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Face Tattoos

The left side of his face comprises tattoos that express certain aspects of his spiritual health. Consisting of flowers and subtle words, we believe that the artist resorted to getting these tattoos not only due to the sublime visuals, but also because almost all of them symbolize integrity, honesty, and pleasantness.

On the contrary, the right side of Christian Nodal’s face consists of the principles he abides by. For instance, the rose tattoo represents the importance he has for the art of love, The “X” tattoo under his eye represents how much he prioritizes sobriety, and the bag of cash is probably there to express how much he prioritizes money.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Hand Tattoos

His right hand has a series of tattoos, including a moon tattoo, an eye tattoo, a rose tattoo, and a cross tattoo. While most of them represent the beauty of life itself, Christian Nodal feels as if the whole lot provides him with security and protects him from ill will.

Similar to the right hand, the left hand also consists of a series of finger tattoos that symbolizes positivity and his roots. The horseshoe and sun are for good fortune, while the cactus represents an aspect of his hometown. The artist also has a skull tattoo, which was solely obtained for its visuals.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Arm Tattoos

He has the tattoo of a barbed wire on each wrist, which symbolizes guidance and provides him with protection when needed. In addition to the barbed wire, the musician also has a rose tattoo and a compass tattoo on his upper sleeve, both of which stand for guidance and unconditional love.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Chest Tattoos

He has a compass tattoo on his chest. At the center of the compass is a rose tattoo.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Neck Tattoo

This one comprises an artwork of a sun on one side and a deer on the other.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Throat Tattoo

Christian Nodal’s throat tattoo is a double entendre, which means that it carries two meanings. The phrase tattoo of “I got carried away” only came into existence to celebrate Chrisitan Nodal’s first critically acclaimed album “Me Deje Llevar ” which translates to “I Got Carried Away”.

Leg Tattoos

The musician only has two tattoos on his right leg, and has none on his left leg. One of the tattoos is of a flower, which, according to him, allows him to embrace the beauty of life. The other one is of a character, which was created to help him reminisce about childhood memories.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Pigeon Tattoo

Placed right in between the collarbone and the neck is the artwork of a pigeon in flight.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024

Scorpion Tattoo

Placed close to his neck, slightly above the right side of his chest is another tattoo of a scorpion.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024


Nodal and Belinda started dating in mid-2020. The couple got engaged in May 2021. They announced the big news on social media. It’s been reported that Nodal gave Belinda an engagement ring estimated to be $3 million. Only a few months after their engagement, circa August 2021, Belinda had the rumor mill spinning out of control when she posted a photo of herself on her Instagram story section not wearing her ring. On February 12, 2022, Nodal posted a statement on social media telling fans that he and Belinda had officially ended their relationship.

Christian Nodal Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 23, 2024
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Christian Nodal’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christian Nodal real name?

His full name is Christian Jesús González Nodal.

Are Christian Nodal's tattoos real?

Yes, his body ink is real. All of them.

Who are Christian Nodal's parents?

Christian Nodal’s father is Jaime and his mother’s name is Silvia.

How much are Christian Nodal tickets?

On average, tickets to see Christian Nodal live in concert will cost you $373.77 a ticket.

Is Christian Nodal single or married?

According to online records, Christian Nodal is possibly single.

Does Christian Nodal have a kid?

Not that we know of, at least. Christian is yet to become a father.

Does Christian Nodal have a girlfriend?

Influencer and real estate expert Aurora Cárdenas is Christian Nodal’s alleged new girlfriend.

Does Christian Nodal have siblings?

He has two siblings. A brother by the name Jaime Alonso Gonzalez Nodal and a sister by the name Amely Gonzalez Nodal.

Does Christian Nodal have tattoos?

In February, Nodal covered up his tattoo that featured the name “Beli” near his right ear. The four letters were modified into the four suits in a deck of playing cards – a heart, a diamond, a club, and a spade.

Did Christian Nodal tattoo his face?

You bet he did. The Mexican artist revealed that tattoos are actually part of his identity.

Did Christian Nodal and Belinda get married?

Singer and songwriter Belinda has broken her silence on the breakup between her and her fiancé Christian Nodal. She posted a statement on social media a few days after Nodal made it official that the couple had ended their engagement.

Did Christian Nodal date Angela Aguilar?

Ángela Aguilar is rumored to have hooked up with Christian Nodal in Dec 2019. Some would regard a hook up as a date. Anything is anything these days.

Did Christian Nodal remove tattoos?

The popular Mexican singer has started a laser treatment in order to remove the tattoo that had been made in honor of his now ex-partner Belinda.

How did Christian Nodal get famous?

He drew the attention of Fonovisa’s A&R department, which signed him in 2016. After inking his record deal, he appeared as a featured vocalist in the video for Los Plebes del Rancho’s hit “No Pasa de Moda,” which garnered over 22 million hits.

When did Christian Nodal start singing?

According to Nodal, he started singing at the age of four.

What song did Christian Nodal write for Belinda?

Just a week after announcing his breakup with Belinda, Nodal released the demo of a song called “Lies ‘bastard‘”, in which he refers to someone who left his life and is now calling him continuously.

How did Christian Nodal and Belinda meet?

The two met at an awards show, Premios de La Radio in Dallas. The 31-year-old actress and singer surprised the crowd when she asked Nodal, 21 — who was sitting in the first row of the show’s audience — to dance with her on stage as she sang her hit “Amor a Primera Vista.”

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