Get To Know Bad Bunny: Biography

Basic Information

Stage Name: Bad Bunny
Real Name: Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio
Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: March 10, 1994
Place of Birth: Almirante Sur, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Gender: Male
Nationality: American, Puerto Rican
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Bad Bunny Biography

Bad Bunny was born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio on March 10, 1994, in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, which is approximately 30 miles west of San Juan. Bad Bunny was raised in a lower middle-class household in Vega Baja’s Almirante Sur neighborhood. His father was a truck driver and his mother taught English. He has two younger brothers, Bernie and Bysael.

Young Bad Bunny was a fan of reggaeton (a blend of hip-hop and reggae) and liked performers such as Daddy Yankee and Vico C. He sometimes got to hear reggaetonero Tego Calderón in the car on the way to school. Bad Bunny also listened to salsa, merengue and rock. At one point, his preferred music was the Bee Gees.

Bad Bunny sang in the choir of his local Catholic church until he was 13. He then concentrated on making his own beats in his room and free-styling at school. Bad Bunny enrolled in the audiovisual-communications program at the University of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo campus. To support his studies, he bagged groceries at an Econo supermarket.

Bad Bunny first began sharing his music on SoundCloud when he was still a college student. In 2016, the popularity of his song “Diles” resulted in calls from producers, which Bad Bunny had to answer while at work in the grocery store.

After Bad Bunny found a manager, Noah Assad, the pair developed a plan to get attention by releasing singles and videos on YouTube instead of trying to sign with major record labels.

In 2017, he joined hands with the Colombian singer J Balvin, and was featured in Balvin’s hit number ‘Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola.’ Bad Bunny was also featured in Becky G’s single, titled ‘Mayores.’ In the same year, Bad Bunny went on to sign a booking deal with ‘Cardenas Marketing Network’ (CMN).

Bad Bunny Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bad Bunny and J Balvin friends?

Bad Bunny and J Balvin are friends and have even collaborated on a song previously.

Are Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro related?

Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro are related in the sense that they are both reggaeton musicians.

Are Bad Bunny and Gabriela still dating?

Yes, Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri are still together.

Are Bad Bunny concerts good and are the tickets worth it?

Bad Bunny is a good musician and his concert tickets are worth it.

Are Bad Bunny and Anuel Aa friends?

Bad Bunny and Anuel Aa have had their good times and their bad times. They have been friends, and they have also had a beef.

Can Bad Bunny speak English?

Of course, Bad Bunny can speak English. He’s also fluent in Spanish.

Can Bad Bunny sing?

Bad Bunny can sing, of course. if he couldn’t he wouldn’t be a top-selling singer from Puerto Rico.

Can Bad Bunny speak Japanese?

No, Bad Bunny cannot speak Japanese. He can only speak English and Spanish.

Can Bad Bunny vote?

Of course, Bad Bunny can vote – unless he decides not to. He’s within the legal age to vote in his native Puerto Rico.

Can Bad Bunny fight wrestling?

Bady Bunny is not a wrestler per se, but he’s been moonlighting as a professional wrestler during the pandemic.

Can I buy and resell Bad Bunny concert tickets?

The tickets can be resold as long as they’re still valid.

Did Bad Bunny retire?

Not yet. He promised to retire after releasing one more album.

Did Bad Bunny play and die in Narcos?

He did play the gangster Kitty but didn’t die.

Did Bad Bunny perform at Astroworld?

He did.

Did Bad Bunny go to college?

Yes, the Universidad de Puerto Rico – Recinto de Arecibo.

Did Bad Bunny come out in Narcos?

He appeared in the first three episodes of the show.
Get To Know Bad Bunny: Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024
Bad Bunny. Via Fan Page.

Did Bad Bunny win a Grammy?

Yes, he won Best Latin Pop Or Urban Album for “YHLQMDLG” at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards.

Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating?

No, Bad Bunny is dating someone else.

When do Bad Bunny Adidas shoes come out?

The shoes were released on August 17, 2021.

Does Bad Bunny have tattoos?

He does, and it’s special to him.

Does Bad Bunny have a kid?

Bad Bunny doesn’t have any children.

Does Bad Bunny have siblings?

Yes, he has two younger brothers: Bernie Martinez Ocasio and Bysael Martinez Ocasio.

Does Bad Bunny watch anime?

He does, and his music has referenced it at some point.

Does Bad Bunny have Instagram?

Yes, Bad Bunny is on Instagram. He appears to have archived his posts, however.

Who has Bad Bunny dated?

Bad Bunny has had his share of the ladies. He’s currently dating Gabriela Berlingeri.

Is Bad Bunny in a relationship?

Bad Buddy might be said to be single in the sense that he isn’t married. There’s a lady in his life, however.

Is Bad Bunny single?

He’s in a relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri.

Had Bad Bunny had covid?

back in 2020, Bad Bunny was diagnosed with COVID-19. Unlike most, however, he did not try to hide his affliction.

How many songs has Bad Bunny made?

Bad has over two dozen songs and has been featured in over two dozen others.

How did Bad Bunny get his name?

Bad Bunny’s adopted stage name references a time he was forced to wear a bunny costume in high school. he hated the experience by still chose to immortalize it with the name by which he’s today famous.

Is Bad Bunny married or engaged?

Bad Bunny is not married and has never been. He’s however in a relationship,  a reality he affirmed by wearing a wedding band.
Get To Know Bad Bunny: Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024
Bad Bunny. Via Fan Page.

Is Bad Bunny in Fast and Furious 9?

Bad Bunny was not an actor in Fast and Furious 9, however, his song “De Museo” was included in the movie’s credits.

Is Bad Bunny Mexican?

No, Bad Bunny is not a Mexican. He’s a Purto Rican, but his songs are enjoyed around the world, including Mexico.

Is Bad Bunny Reggaeton?

Banny Bunny is a reggaeton musician all right. He’s also a maestro of what is known as Latin trap.

Is Bad Bunny a Rapper?

Bad Bunny is a rapper, as well as a singer. He combines both roles beautifully.

Is Bad Bunny Dominican?

Bad Bunny is the product of a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, so he may as well be said to have originated from the Dominican Republic.

Was Bad Bunny in the Simpsons?

Yes, Bad Bunny was part of The Simsons. The songster popped as a figure trying to reignite the spark between Homer and Marge.

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