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Khaid Basic Information

Stage Name:Khaid
Real Name:Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon
Occupation:Singer, Rapper, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age:10 December 2004 (18) Years Old
Place of Birth:Shibiri, Ojo, Lagos
Marital Status:Single
Height:1.52 m
Net Worth:$100K

Khaid Biography

Khaid, a stage name for Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter signed to Neville Records. After signing a record deal with Sydney Talker’s Neville Records in 2022, he became famous when the song “With You” was released. On February 14, 2022, it reached number 48 on the Nigeria TurnTable Top 50 single chart, marking his first chart entry.

Sulaimon worked as a roadside mechanic on Ojo’s street, repairing vehicles to support his family and fund his music career. He began his musical career on Ojo street. Khaid posted a viral freestyle on Instagram in 2021, which drew the attention of Sydney Talker, who offered him a recording contract and introduced him to the public as Sydney’s Neville Records’ first artist on January 20, 2022. On January 30, 2023, he was ranked first on TurnTable’s NXT Emerging Top Artistes list. On January 31, 2023, Spotify named him one of the emerging Nigerian artists to watch, alongside Tempoe and Poco Lee.

Khaid, Yours Truly, Artists, December 3, 2023




Khaid was born to southern-bred Nigerian parents. He was raised in the South-West while being from the South of the country. His parents are unknown at this time.


The rapper grew up alongside seven siblings in a family of ten. However, there are no details about the musician’s siblings.


Khaid is not a father. Not yet, at least.


Net Worth

The promising Nigerian rapper reportedly has a net worth of $100,000, over 41 million naira. However, his musical career is his primary source of income.


The rapper has been seen taking pictures in and with a few fast cars, but it has not been confirmed if the cars are his.


Khaid is a resident of Lagos, but there is no additional information about his house or properties.


Khaid, a singer on the rise, is presumably single right now. He hasn’t stated that he is in a relationship, which is why. But this question would be answered in the days to come. Due to his looks, the singer has already attracted many female followers.

Record Label

Khaid, Yours Truly, Artists, December 3, 2023

Egere Sydney, also known as Sydney Talker, a Nigerian comedian and content producer, has ventured into music by founding his record label, “Neville Records.” He announced on his Instagram page while introducing Khaid, the record label’s first talent. According to Sydney Talker, the founding of Neville Records was motivated by a desire to express his deepest dreams without boundaries, thus his surprise entry into the music scene. He said the label would be the formal framework through which he would convey his musicality. Sydney went on to say that, aside from having his long-held desire come true, it is also a cumulative thrill to watch another talent’s dream come true, so he decided to sign Khaid.

Popular Questions

How did Sydney talker discover Khaid?

Khaid was discovered on Instagram after he uploaded a freestyle video.

How was Khaid signed?

He was contacted by Sydney, whose interest peaked after viewing his Instagram freestyle video, and was offered a record contract.

Is Khaid related to Sydney Talker?

No, both entertainers do not belong to the same family tree.

Is Khaid a Nigerian?

Yes, the singer is a Nigerian. He was born and raised in Lagos.

When was Khaid signed?

Sydney launched his record label Neville Records, and signed Khaid as his first artist in January 2022.

Who signed Khaid?

Khaid was signed by the popular skit maker Sydney Talker.

Where's Khaid from?

Khaid is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

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