Lil Baby Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Kids And Top Questions Answered

Lil Baby’s Basic Information

Stage Name: Lil Baby
Real Name: Dominique Armani Jones
Occupation: Rapper
Date Of Birth/Age: December 03, 1994
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Tri-Cities High School, Booker T. Washington High School
Height: 1.73m
Net Worth: $4M

Lil Baby Biography

Dominique Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the Oakland City neighbourhood. When his father left the family, he was two years old, leaving his mother to raise him and his two sisters. In ninth grade, Jones dropped out of Booker T. Washington High School and committed to drug dealing.

In early 2012, Jones was charged with possession with intent to sell, among other charges, and in 2013, he was charged with possession of marijuana for less than an ounce. He was arrested for the third time in as many years in 2014 on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and was incarcerated for two years.

Upon his release in 2017, he jump-started his rap career with a mixtape called Perfect Timing, released in April of that year. The mixtape featured cameos from friends like Lil Yachty, Young Thug, and Gunna, and strong production from 808 Mafia, Brickz, and many others.

Lil Baby Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Kids And Top Questions Answered, Yours Truly, Artists, June 18, 2024
Lil Baby.
Credit: Gq.

Lil Baby Girlfriend

Lil Baby’s off-and-on girlfriend remains Jayda Cheaves. She was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Her mother’s name is Tricia Cheaves, while the identity of her father is undisclosed. Cheaves has two known siblings – a brother and a sister.

She is African-American, a social media star, YouTuber, and entrepreneur, starting on Instagram and moving to Poshmark. She also owns Amour Jayda LLC, deals in human hair, and owns a clothing line brand – Waydamin.

Lil Baby Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Kids And Top Questions Answered, Yours Truly, Artists, June 18, 2024
Jayda Cheaves.
Credit: Instagram.

Lil Baby Kids

For the rapper’s first son, Jason, who was born in 2015 during his relationship with then-girlfriend Ayesha Howard, things were much the same as Lil Baby’s early childhood. Lil Baby spent the first two years of his son’s life in prison, serving time for weapons and drug charges. However, since he’s been out of jail, Lil Baby claims he has been as much a part of his eldest son’s life as he can be.

In 2019, Lil Baby welcomed his second son, Loyal, with his now ex-girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. Speculation surrounds their relationship with a video from Cheaves where she says, “Babies ruin relationships.” However, even after their breakup, Cheaves remains supportive and loyal to Lil Baby in her social media posts.

Lil Baby Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Kids And Top Questions Answered, Yours Truly, Artists, June 18, 2024
Lil Baby With His 2 Sons, Jason And Loyal.
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Lil Baby Most Asked Questions

Are Lil Baby and DaBaby related?

No, they aren’t. Lil Baby and DaBaby have been working closely together for a long time despite not being related.

Are Lil Baby and Lil Durk friends or related?

The pair aren’t in any way related. They are good friends/colleagues, and collaborators.

Are Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj dating?

Not at all. Lil Baby only got featured by the rap queen on two new records of hers. They are just simply friends and collaborators.

Are Lil Baby and Saweetie dating?

No, they aren’t. There haven’t been any reports of the pair seeing each other or hanging with one another. They have both been romantically involved with other people.

Are Lil Baby and Gunna still friends?

Of course, they still are. The friendship and working relationship is heavily documented. They first got together after having a mutual friend who died. In 2018, Lil Baby told Rolling Stone, “He [Gunna] gave me a lot of insights on how to rap when I first started.

Are Lil Baby and Gunna related?

Nah, they are not. They’re very good friends that have learnt a lot from each other.

Can Lil Baby speak Spanish?

Yes, he can. He’s been heard speaking the language on a few occasions, in an interview and on a certain occasion when he yelled at the paparazzi.

Can Lil Baby come to Canada?

Why not? He even made his first performance appearance in Canada in March 2022.

Did Lil Baby get shot?

Not that we know of, but there was a shooting at one of his shows last year, bringing his performance to an abrupt end, but it was confirmed he was not shot.

Did Lil Baby graduate high school?

He did attend high school. He was schooled at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta.

Did Lil Baby go to college?

Nah, he didn’t. He was more interested in pursuing a music career instead.

Did Lil Baby win a Grammy?

He did win a Grammy for his work on Kanye West’s record, “Hurricane”, off his Donda album.

Did Lil Baby finish high school?

He didn’t. He dropped out along the way to chase his passion for music.

Does Lil Baby have a child?

He does have two sons, Jason and Loyal, which he shares with two different women who he used to be romantically involved with.

Does Lil Baby have tattoos?

Lil Baby Doesn’t Have Tattoos Because He Didn’t Want Business People to See Him as a “Dope Boy” Lil Baby doesn’t have any ink on him, and it was a conscious choice.

Does Lil Baby have siblings?

He does have two sisters, Deja Jones (older sister) and another older sister.

Does Lil Baby use autotune?

He does it every once in a while for fine-tuning. However, he does not rely on it.

Does Lil Baby write his lyrics?

Yes, Lil Baby writes his songs. He is very talented and skilled when it comes to doing so. He was once accused of outsourcing his songwriting to fellow rapper Gunna, but he has since cleared the air, saying Gunna only showed him the ropes of how to rap.

Does Lil Baby have a wife?

No, he doesn’t. For now at least. He’s been in two unsuccessful relationships with the women who also happen to be his baby mamas.

Does Lil Baby own his masters?

Oh, he does. Lil Baby formed his label, 4 Pockets Full (initialised 4PF) in 2017. Rappers 42 Dugg and Rylo Rodriguez are signed to the label.

Does Lil Baby have a number 1 song?

Not yet, but he scored a number one album with “My Turn”, which bagged a 3X-platinum certification.

Has Lil Baby been to Nigeria?

Not yet. But he has been featured by a Nigerian artist in the person of Davido on his last LP, ” A Better Time”, released in 2020.

How long have Lil Baby been rapping?

He’s been active since 2016, but put out his first mixtape, Perfect Timing, in April 2017. Another mixtape, Harder Than Hard, followed three months later, and in October, Baby released his third mixtape in six months, 2 The Hard Way.

What awards have Lil Baby won?

Lil Baby has received one Grammy Award and one BET Award throughout his career. He was crowned as the biggest all-genre ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Apple Music Awards 2020. In addition, he’s also received numerous award nominations.

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