Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey: Biography, Age, Wife, Siblings, Children, Parents, Net Worth, House, Cars, Church & Record Label

Nathaniel Bassey Basic Information

Stage Name: Nathaniel Bassey/ Nat
Real Name: Nathaniel Bassey
Occupation: Singer, Pastor, Trumpeter, and Gospel Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age 27 August 1981 (42) Years Old
Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
  • University of Lagos
  • University of London
  • Middlesex University
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Net Worth: $800 – 1 Million

Nathaniel Bassey Biography

Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

Pastor Nathaniel Bassey was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 27 7, 1981. He is from Ikot Ofon Ikono in the Uyo local government of Akwa-Ibom state in southern Nigeria. His father, Mr. Joshua Bassey, was a pastor in The Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly, and he grew up with a love of music and the gospel.

Dr. Panam Percy Paul, a notable Nigerian gospel music icon, inspired Nathaniel Bassey in concert over twenty years ago. His passion for music has evolved and transferred into many musical experiences since then.

He is best known for the songs “Imela,” “Onise Iyanu,” “Olowogbogboro,” and a host of others. Bassey was a Headline Performer at the Nigerian Christian gathering ‘The Experience’ in 2018. He has since gone on to make consecutive appearances for the concert as the years have gone by.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

Nathaniel Bassey tries to lead a quiet life as he pushes through his ministry calling and tries to live under the radar and the public’s prying eyes. As such, He doesn’t divulge too much personal information to the media.

His immediate nuclear family, though, is currently made up of his wife and two children.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024


Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and his lovely wife, Pastor Sarah Bassey, are blissfully married. They met in 2008 but married on 14 April 2013. She is from Eket in Akwa Ibom State. However, it is said that they had been dating long before  2013, and she was a member of the protocol unit of her church in Eket.

They met and struck up a relationship when pastor Nat came to a ministration in her church. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t approve of her marriage to Nat at the time because he was still struggling to earn a living. This led to their over ten years of dating until they finally said, “Yes, I do,” in April 2013.


Much information isn’t available on his parents though it is on record that Mr. Joshua Bassey, his father, was a clergyman in The Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly in Shomolu. His mother, Mrs. Bassey, isn’t talked about too much in a bid to probably keep his family from the scrutiny of the public.


Information on Nathaniel’s siblings is scarce in the media.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

So far, his union with Sarah has produced two children, a boy, and a girl. The name of their son is David.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

Nat, as he is affectionately known, was approached by one of the most respected people in the Nigerian jazz and music circles, Elder Steve Rhodes, to lead The Steve Rhodes Orchestra, perhaps the country’s first jazz orchestra. He was the band leader and lead trumpet player for two years before moving on with his music career. After that, he was simply a regular trumpeter until he composed a tune for Stella Obasanjo, the late wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

His unique and soulful trumpet-playing style piqued the interest of renowned artists and songwriters both within and outside of the country. Teemac, Ayo Bankole Jr., Cobhams Asuquo, Wole Oni, Yinka Davies, Adlan Cruise, Funsho Ogundipe, Peter King, Sotiris Papadopoulos, Paul Petersen, The French Cultural Centre, and American International School are just a few of the people and organizations who have sought his musical genius.

Pastor Nathaniel began to feel an intense yearning within himself as time passed. His music had more to it than he realized. After that, he took time away from his many mainstream obligations to seek the Lord under the mentorship and leadership of Late Pastor Eskor Mfon, former Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, City Of David Parish. This decision drew harsh criticism from friends, artists, and colleagues who found it unfathomable to give up a booming mainstream music career to serve solely at a local church.

As he gained a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, he learned that music was more than a fad but a vital tool in the praise and worship of the Lord. Soon after, a music ministry was established, with Nathaniel’s primary focus being WORSHIP – Music of Heaven – one that ministered solely to the Lord and served as a channel through which HE interacted with His people. His trumpet playing, combined with a serene singing style, has subsequently led many people into the presence of the LORD in concerts, crusades, and churches.

In June 2017, Nathaniel launched the #HallelujahChallenge, where he and other believers worship God for an hour from 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. He livestream the event on Instagram and asked others to join him. The event received over 600,000 views in less than a month of its inception and has gone on to record astonishing numbers in the subsequent years of its existence. He also hosts a few online worship sessions and live feeds.


Nathaniel is not a flamboyant man or a show-off. Nathaniel Bassey once survived a car accident in his Mercedes Benz, and he thanked God on social media. Nathaniel does not appear to have rich taste in exotic cars. He has other cars but tries not to be a show-off; He is estimated to be worth around $800,00 to $1 million.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

Nathaniel Bassey avoids displaying his properties on the internet. During the lockdown, however, Netizens got a better look at a part of his residence where he was doing the Hallelujah Challenge. He lives in a nice house with his lovely family. He is said to have homes in Lagos, Nigeria, and the Uk, and he also lives with his wife and family.

Record Label

Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

Nathaniel Bassey Music and Tehila records have been responsible for managing and distributing most of his music.

“Elohim,” Nathaniel’s debut album, was recorded and mixed in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2008. It has been regarded as a spiritual and artistic masterpiece, featuring the hit track “Someone’s knocking at the door,” a soft-rock melody that has gained popularity locally and globally.

His album discography includes Someone’s at The Door(Elohim) – 2010, Son of God and Imela – 2014; This God Is Too Good – 2016, Revival Flames – 2017, Jesus: The Resurrection and the Life – 2018; A King Is Coming – 2020, Hallelujah Again (Revelation 19:3) – 2021, and Names of God – 2022.

He was the City People Music Award for Gospel Artiste of the Year (2017), won Best Gospel Artist at the Africa Muzik Magazine Awards & Music Festival Awards (AFRIMMA 2017), Album of Excellence with His Album “Jesus the Resurrection and Life” at the African Gospel Music Awards (AGMMA 2019), and Artist of the Year nomination by the Crystal Gospel Awards in 2019.

He owns a website,, where his projects are dropped, and he can be contacted asides his social media. His songs are also released on major streaming platforms too.


Nathaniel Bassey, Yours Truly, Artists, April 22, 2024

He attends The Redeemed Christian Church Of God and pastors The Oasis Lagos and The RCCG Kings Court Youth Church in VI, Lagos. Nathaniel Bassey is also the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Youth Pastor and Music Director.

Is Nathaniel Bassey married?

Yes. To Sarah Ebuk-Bassey

When did Nathaniel Bassey get married?

On 14 April 2013

How did Nathaniel Bassey meet his wife?

They met and began to get to know each other when pastor Nat came to minister at her church in Eket

Who is Nathaniel Bassey's wife?

She goes by the name Sarah Bassey. Not much else is known about her.

When did Nathaniel Bassey start singing?

He has always been in touch with his singing side for over twenty years and counting. He started singing in his early formative years though not explicitly mentioned to the media. He was in his twenties when he got inspired by Dr. Panam Percy in concert.

Which church does Nathaniel Bassey attend?

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Lagos State.

Where is Nathaniel Bassey from?

He is from Ikot Ofon Ikono in the Uyo local government area of Akwa-Ibom state

How did Nathaniel Bassey start Music?

He started as a Trumpeter for the famous Steve Rhodes Orchestra

How do I contact Nathaniel Bassey?

He is active on social media. His handles include @Nathanielblow on IG and Twitter.

How much does Nathaniel Bassey charge?

As a Gospel Minister, It is not revealed to the media how much he charges. But he sure accepts “Hononariums” after his ministrations.

Where does Nathaniel Bassey live?

He has a residence in both Nigeria and London, Uk.

What language does Nathaniel Bassey speak?

In his songs, he has been heard to speak various languages, including Yoruba, Igbo, his native Ibibio, and English, amongst others.

How many albums does Nathaniel Bassey have?

He has eight studio albums so far.

How old is Nathaniel BBassey'swife?

her age isn’t known to the media, but she has a birthdate of 3 August.

How to download Nathaniel Bassey songs?

It is available on major streaming platforms and sites or visits his website,

How much is Nathaniel Bassey worth?

He is estimated to be worth between $800,000 – $ 1 million.

Is Nathaniel Bassey a Ghanaian?

No. he is Nigerian.

Is Nathaniel Bassey a pastor in RCCG?

Yes, He is the Youth Pastor and Music Director of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, as well as the pastor of The Oasis Lagos and The RCCG Kings Court Youth Church in VI, Lagos.

What tribe is Nathaniel Bassey?

He is from Ikot Ofon Ikono in the Uyo local government area of Akwa-Ibom state

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