Rick Ross

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Rick Ross Basic Information

Stage Name: Rick Ross
Real Name: William Leonard Roberts II
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Record Executive
Date Of Birth/Age: January 28, 1976 48) Years Old
Place of Birth: Clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Miami Carol City Senior High School

Albany State Golden Rams

Height: 1.88 m
Net Worth: $45M

Rick Ross Biography

American rapper Rick Ross, real name William Leonard Roberts II, was born on January 28, 1976. Ross was the object of a bidding war before he released his debut single, “Hustlin’,” in 2006; offers came from Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. and Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment, and Ross eventually agreed to a lucrative deal with Jay-Z on Def Jam Recordings.

Alongside fellow Florida rappers Gunplay and Torch, Ross served as the leader of the hip hop crew Triple C’s in 2005. In 2009, Ross established the record company Maybach Music Group. The Maybach Music company has also signed prominent industry figures to Rick Ross, including Meek Mill, Wale, and French Montana, among others.

Rick Ross, Yours Truly, Artists, May 26, 2024

Net Worth

An estimated $45 million is the rapper’s net worth. Millions of albums and tens of millions of singles have been sold worldwide by Rick to date in his career. He’s been among the top 10 paid rappers in the world at various points in his career. As of this writing, he has earned over $90 million in his career. His enterprises and investments account for a larger portion of his income.


Rapper Rick Ross is one who has amassed a significant amount of wealth throughout his career. Rick is a shrewd businessman who owns a lot of real estate. He has a home in California, New York, Mississippi, and other places. He had a sizable home in Florida where he resided.


Rick Ross owns a stunning collection of automobiles. He has a vast array of expensive vehicles, including famous car brands like Porsche, Lexus, KIA, Ford, Mercedes, etc. He mainly uses his cars to get around town.

Weight Loss

Ross found that going slowly was more effective than attempting short-term improvements that wouldn’t last. Ross gave himself permission to indulge in the Checkers and Wingstop fast food he had always loved, but only from noon to 5 p.m. and just two or three days a week. Ross worked with a chef to develop nutritious recipes for the rest of his meals.

For added motivation, he began working out with a group of friends and developed his own kind of CrossFit, which he called “RossFit.” Ross warms up with a jog four days a week, then sets up five stations for exercises like pushups and deadlifts, working his way through them for 30 minutes.


Rick Ross has fathered four children—Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hemes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts—despite not being married. Tia Kemp is the mother of two of them, and Briana Camille is the mother of the other two, albeit the whole information is not yet public. Both mothers, however, have admitted that their baby-father has never provided their kids with a lot of assistance.

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From Mwanza, Tanzania, comes the well-known singer, model, and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto. She is best renowned for her vocals, and many of her songs—including Madam Hero, My Love, and others—became hits on the charts. In recent years, Mobetto has modeled for numerous fashion and cosmetics companies and appeared in a number of music videos. She is listed as the creator of the children’s apparel line Mobetto’s Kids Corner on her Instagram profile.

The CEO of Mobetto Styles became well-known because Rick Ross’s name was associated with her. The Muslim household in which the 26-year-old was born on December 10, 1994, raised her with a love of music. She went after her singing profession after high school.

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The well-known rap artist’s birth father, William Leonard Roberts I, had a rocky relationship with his child while he was still living. The rapper’s mother, Tommie Roberts, is incredibly encouraging. She had divorced her husband when her son was still quite small, but claimed that he maintained contact with their children up until his death. Rick describes his mother as a true hustler and says he saw her work multiple jobs to support her children after she became a single mother.

Rick Ross, Yours Truly, Artists, May 26, 2024


The rapper has only one older sister, Tawanda Roberts. At some point while he was growing up, Ross was housed by her. Now that they are both in business, Tawanda is identified, in company records, as the principal of Boss Wings Enterprises, one of Rick Ross’ chain of businesses.

Rick Ross, Yours Truly, Artists, May 26, 2024

How many cars does Rick Ross have?

The rapper claims to have over a hundred whips.

Does Rick Ross own a private jet?

Yes, he does own one.

How much money is Rick Ross worth?

He is estimated to be worth $45 million.

Does Rick Ross have kids?

He has four kids.

How much does Rick Ross weigh?

The 45-year-old rapper who once tipped the scale at 350 pounds, has dropped down to a little over 200 pounds after his weight loss in 2014.

Is Rick Ross Haitian?

There were a lot of rumors when he came out that he is Haitian, but he’s not.

Does Rick Ross have a platinum album?

The album that helped launch his career, Port of Miami, has been certified platinum.

How many albums does Rick Ross have?

He’s got 11 studio albums.

Is Rick Ross a drug dealer?

No, he isn’t.

Is Snowfall based on Rick Ross?

Not at all. The film was based on the past life of Freeway Rick Ross.

Who discovered Rick Ross?

It’s not very clear who exactly did. Though in 2000, Ross’ music career began when he signed with Suave House Records, so they could be credited for discovering him as a budding talent.

Who is Rick Ross signed to?

Rick Ross is currently signed to Maybach Music Group, which is a subsidiary of Atlantic Records and Epic Records.

How did Rick Ross lose weight?

Switching up his diets and making working out a tradition.

How many records has Rick Ross sold?

Ross has sold over 2,500,000 albums, including 2,500,000 in the United States.

How many rooms does Rick Ross house have?

An insane 109 rooms.

How much is Rick Ross house?

He acquired the massive property for $5.8 million.

How old is Rick Ross son?

William Roberts III turns 17 this year.

How old was Rick Ross when he started rapping?

The specific age is an info that has not been provided.

Is Rick Ross married?

No, he hasn’t.

What business does Rick Ross own?

Wingstop, has franchise ownership in Checkers and Rally’s restaurants, and partnerships with Luc Belaire and Bumbu spirit brands, Rap Snacks, and VERZUZ.

Where is Rick Ross from?

Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Does Rick Ross own Maybach car company?

No, he doesn’t. He only adopted the name for his record label.

How big is Rick Ross?

102 kg big.

How many children does Rick Ross have?

He has four children.

How many Wingstops does Rick Ross own?

Ross is currently the franchise owner of more than 25 Wingstop locations.

How much does Rick Ross charge for a show?

The legendary rapper and record executive is said to charge $60,000 per performance.

How tall is Rick Ross?

The rapper is 5 ft 11 inches.

How to contact Rick Ross?

You will want to contact Rick Ross’s publicist.

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