Seyi Vibez

Biography: Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Girlfriend, Parents, Siblings, Religion & Record Label

Seyi Vibez Basic Information

Stage Name: Seyi Vibez
Real Name: Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 July 1990 (23) Years Old
Place of Birth: Ketu, Lagos State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
  • As-Sodiq Primary School
  • Skylight Secondary School, Ikorodu
  • Lagos State University
Height: 1.78 m
Net Worth: $85K

Seyi Vibez Biography

Born on July 12, 1990, in Ketu, Lagos State, Balogun Afolabi, better known by his stage name Seyi, is a singer from Nigeria. He began his music career in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, where he also spent his formative years. The Ketu Nigerian Afro-pop musician attended As-Sodiq Primary School. His enrollment at Agric Ikorodu’s Skylights Secondary School came later. He was a sociology student at Lagos State University.

Seyi started to recognize his musical abilities when he was in high school. For his classmates at school or his family at home, he would perform cover versions of songs by some of his favorite artists. By doing this, he was able to recognize his singing talent and decided to pursue it professionally. Seyi started writing songs and releasing them even though she wasn’t yet signed to a record label, even though none of them were well-known. He is currently one of the performers dominating the music scene with his constant stream of hit recordings.

His mostly Afro-pop musical style draws greatly on historical figures like Fela Kuti for influence. Seyi Vibez performs his songs in Yoruba and occasionally in English in order to reach a larger audience unrestricted by linguistic boundaries. Thanks to this effective strategy, he has gained popularity in countries that do not speak Yoruba. Before Seyi’s debut in 2021 with the popular song “God Sent,” he released a few songs while not receiving any recognition for them. The song is off his debut album, NSNV (No Seyi, No Vibes). The song’s popularity assisted Seyi in expanding his fan base and solidifying his position in the business.

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Net Worth

According to reports, Seyi is worth $85K, which is enormously large in Nigeria. The price of a Seyi Vibez one-stage presentation is roughly $2000. He also makes a respectable wage from his 22k+-follower YouTube channel. However, he does get most of his income through song sales and streaming. Seyi also owns expensive cars, diamond jewelry, and other valuables.


Chances are Seyi Vibez has acquired multiple properties, but he is not very big on flaunting or sharing such details for clout.


Seyi Vibez definitely has his own ride or maybe even a collection of rides; only he does not the public in.


Regarding a relationship, little is known about the singer. He appears to be a private individual who keeps details about his personal life private. On the internet, a picture of Seyi Vibez next to a woman holding a bouquet gained a lot of attention. However, Seyi has been able to successfully keep his love life a secret from his followers up to this point. Some people were shocked to find that Seyi, who has worked with numerous stunning models while rising in his career, is still single in his 30s. Despite what many people believe, Seyi is still single. The singer focuses more of his attention on developing his burgeoning music career.


Seyi is the child of Nigerian parents. At the time this material was being written, despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate Seyi’s parents’ names. Seyi has not yet provided any information about his parents. Seyi’s father worked as a plumber, based on his experiences. His parents moved to Ketu when his mother was pregnant, and soon after his birth, they returned to Ikorodu. Seyi was nurtured by his parents in the busy area of Ikorodu, where he also discovered a strong passion for music.


There is no background information about Seyi’s siblings, so neither their names nor personal details have been disclosed. Vibez also makes sure to keep his family out of the limelight.


The singer practices Islam. Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that places particular emphasis on the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran. Muslim adherents, also known as Muslims, make up 1-1.8 billion of the world’s population, or about one-fourth, and are the second-largest religious group after Christians.

Record Label

No record label has signed Seyi Vibez. While Dvpper distributes his music, he is renowned for promoting it on his own. He has released two studio albums: NSNV and Billion Dollar Baby.

DAPPER Distribution and Records, a Nigerian distribution company and record label based in Lagos, Nigeria, was founded by Damilola Akinwunmi in 2017. Although it has releases in many other genres, its Afrobeats music is the most popular. Numerous artists, including Omah Lay, Ice Prince, SkiiBii, Sean Tizzle, Rexxie, Broda Shaggi, Sound Sultan, Black Magic, Savage, and others, have published songs using DVPPER.

Socials & Streams

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How much is a Seyi Vibez worth?

The singer is estimated to be worth 85K USD.

Where does Seyi Vibez come from?

He comes from Ketu in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he was born and raised.

Has Seyi Vibez been signed?

Not yet, no. Though he has helped with the music distribution, which is done by Dvpper.

How can I get Seyi Vibez's number?

The singer has displayed a contact on his social media page. Ringing that line should help get you closer to your goal. Or better still, go through his management.

Does Seyi Vibez have a car?

He has been seen taking pictures with different expensive vehicles, but it is not clear which is his or if they all are.

Does Seyi Vibez have a house?

He probably does, though it has not been confirmed.

Where does Seyi Vibez live?

He lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Where did Seyi Vibez grow up?

He grew up in Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria, where he was also birthed.

When did Seyi Vibez release Bullion Van?

He released the song as a lead single for his sophomore album, Billion Dollar Baby, which was later released to critical acclaim.

Is Seyi Vibez a yahoo boy?

He has been associated with yahoo boy-related news and articles, but it remains unclear if he is one.

Is Seyi Vibez married?

No, the singer is not married or in any romantic relationship.

Is Seyi Vibez a celestial?

No, he is not. He is not Christian, to begin with. Seyi is a Muslim.

What is Seyi Vibez's real name?

Seyi’s real name is Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi.

Who is the richest between Portable and Seyi Vibez?

Reportedly, Seyi Vibez is richer by thousands of dollars.

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