Sia Biography: Age, Net Worth, Children, Ex-husband, Current Relationship & Popular Questions

Sia Basic Information

Stage Name:Sia
Real Name:Sia Kate Isobelle Furler
Occupation:Singer, Songwriter, Voice Actress
Date Of Birth/Age:18 December 1975 (43 Years Old
Place of Birth:Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Marital Status:
Erik Anders LaLan (m. 2014; div. 2016)
Net Worth:$30m (2021 est.)

Sia Biography

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, known professionally as Sia, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and voice actress. Sia began her singing career in Adelaide in the mid-1990 as a member of the acid jazz band Crisp. Following the band’s disbandment, she released her debut studio album “Only see” in Australia. She later moved to London and provided vocals for the London duo, Zero 7. Sia attained significant recognition in 2011/2012 following the song “Titanium.” It was taken from David Guetta’s sixth studio album “Nothing But The Beat.” She achieved even more success as a songwriter when she wrote one of Rihanna’s number one singles, “Diamonds.” The release of her album “1000 Forms Of Fear” further established her as a well-known singer and songwriter all over the globe. Sia has released several hits as a lead artist and also written and collaborated on many more.

From 2001 to 2010, Sia released the albums “Healing Is Difficult,” “Colour The Small One,” “Some People Have Real Problems,” and “We Are Born.” After growing increasingly uncomfortable with her growing fame, Sia took a hiatus from performing. She focused on writing songs for other artists. Around that time, she produced the successful hits “Titanium” with David Guetta, Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” and “Wild Ones” with Flo Rida.

In 2014, Sia scored her first number one on the Billboard 200 when her album “1000 Forms Of Fear” hit the top of the charts. The album spawned the top 10 single “Chandelier” and generated the trilogy of music videos featuring American dancer Maddie Ziegler. The videos have accumulated billions of views on YouTube. Sia also began wearing a big wig to obscure her face to protect her privacy.

In 2016, Sia released her seventh studio album, “This Is Acting.” The album spawned the singer’s first number one single, “Cheap Thrills.” The same year, she kicked off the “Nostalgic For The Present Tour.” Her eighth studio album, “Everyday Is Christmas,” was released in 2017. The album was re-issued in 2018. The same year, she teamed up with Labrinth and Diplo to form LSD. They released their self-titled debut studio album in 2019. In 2021, Sia released the feature film “Music.” It was released alongside an album, “Music – Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture.”

Sia Biography: Age, Net Worth, Children, Ex-Husband, Current Relationship &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

Net Worth

Several media outlets, including Celebrity Networth, estimated Sia’s net worth to be around $30 million as of 2021. Neither the singer nor anyone in her team has confirmed this estimate.


In 2019, Sia announced on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mashup in May that she had adopted two boys who were aging out of the foster care system. A year later, she announced that she had become a grandmother after one of the boys had fathered twins. She said, “My youngest son just had two babies,” Sia said. “I’m just immediately horrified … No, I’m cool. They call me ‘Nana. I’m trying to get them to call me ‘Lovey’ like Kris [Jenner] ,” she added. “I’m like, ‘Call me Lovey.'” She revealed this in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1.


In August 2014, Sia married documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang at her home in Palm Springs, California. The couple was married for two years until they announced in December 2016 that they had separated. In a comment to Daily Mail, the couple released the statement, “After much soul searching and consideration, we have made the decision to separate as a couple. We are, however, dedicated to remaining friends. There will be no further comment.”

Current Relationship

As of 2022, Sia is not involved in any romantic relationships. In 2020, the “Cheap Thrills” singer accused actor Shia Labeouf of conning her into an adulterous relationship. Following accusations of mental and emotional abuse against Shia by FKA Twigs, Sia tweeted, “I too have been hurt emotionally by Shia, a pathological liar, who conned me into an adulterous relationship claiming to be single. I believe he’s very sick and have compassion for him AND his victims. Just know, if you love yourself- stay safe, stay away,”

Maddie Ziegler & Sia’s Relationship

Sia Biography: Age, Net Worth, Children, Ex-Husband, Current Relationship &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, November 30, 2023

One thing to know about Sia and Maddie Ziegler is that both stars consider each other family. Sia is Maddie’s godmother. The world became acquainted with them in 2014 when Maddie performed the dance routine in Sia’s hit song “Chandelier.” She has also performed in some of her other music videos, which have all accumulated billions of streams on YouTube.

Furler first saw Ziegler perform on the hit Lifetime reality TV show “Dance Moms” and reached out to her to collaborate. Ziegler’s ability to emote and her dancing skills subsequently made the video for Sia’s song “Chandelier” go viral. She has been a part of the singer’s projects and has gone on tour with her.

Furler feels responsible for Ziegler’s fame, so she pays for her 24-hour security. She also purchased a car for the dancer. Maddie and Sia spend time together even when they aren’t working on projects. In a statement to The Independent, Maddie said, “I go over to her house all the time and just jump on her trampoline.” She also revealed that they enjoy watching pimple-popping videos together. She said, “It sounds so weird, but it’s literally our obsession. We’ll just watch those for hours and hours.” Ziegler was featured as one of the lead acts when Sia made her directorial debut with the film Music. 

Ziegler stated, “I don’t feel much pressure in terms of being her face for performances because I did it at such a young age, and every time I’ve worked with her, it’s just so fun. We are like family.” Ziegler has credited Furler for teaching her to let more of her personality shine and dance from the heart. She has perfectly interpreted the singer’s vision for all of the songs in the music videos she has appeared in. Ziegler has been featured in the videos for “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart,” “The Greatest,” etc.

Popular Questions

Who is Sia married to?

Sia was married to documentary filmmaker Erik Anders LaLan. The couple divorced after two years of marriage but announced that they would remain friends.

How did Sia get famous?

Sia got famous for releasing music. She gained more fame following the release of the album “1000 Forms Of Fear” in 2014.

Is Maddie Ziegler related to Sia?

No. Maddie Ziegler is not related to Sia. However, they have called each other family. Sia is Maddie’s godmother.

Who is the dancer for Sia?

She is an American dancer, Maddie Ziegler. Sia discovered her on “Dance Moms.”

How is Sia pronounced?

“Sia” is pronounced “See-Ya”

What skin condition does Sia have?

Sia has chronic pain, a neurological disease, and a connective-tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She tweeted about it “I just wanted to say to those of you suffering from pain, whether physical or emotional, I love you, keep going. Pain is demoralizing, and you’re not alone.”

What does Sia name mean?

Sia means victory.

What is Sia's most famous song?

Sia has a long list of famous songs. She is known for “Chandelier,” “Cheap Thrills,” “Titanium,” “Wild Ones,” and even Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

How did Sia save Maddie?

PageSix reported that Sia said she saved Maddie from boarding a plane with Harvey Weinstein.

Does Sia like Maddie?

Sia loves Maddie Ziegler. She is her godmother.

Is Sia married?

Sia is not currently married. She is separated from her former husband, Erik Anders LaLan.

Why Would Sia be Cancelled?

Sia was almost canceled for casting Maddie Ziegler, who is not on the autism spectrum, in her feature film, Music.

Why did Sia apologize for the Elastic Heart video?

She was accused of encouraging pedophilia.

What does Sia Elastic Heart video mean?

Sia explained that Ziegler and Labeouf represented two warring Sia self-states. She wrote, “All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘Sia’ self states.”

How old was Maddie Ziegler when she started working with Sia?

At 11, Maddie started in the viral music video for Sia’s hit song “Chandelier.”

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