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Spyro Basic Information

Stage Name: Spyro
Real Name: Oludipe Oluwasanmi David,
Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 1 October 1997(26 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
  • New Mainland Children’s School
  • Model College, Meiran Lagos
  • University Of Ibadan
Height: 5Ft 8In
Net Worth: $15,000

Spyro Biography

Spyro, Yours Truly, Artists, April 18, 2024

Spyro, also known as Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, was born in Nigeria on October 1, 1997. Before transitioning to secular music, the Nigerian vocalist began his musical career in Lagos State as a dedicated member of a church choir. Spyro attended New Mainland Children’s School for his primary education before continuing his secondary studies at Model College in the Meiran neighborhood of Lagos. Spyro graduated from the University of Ibadan.


There isn’t much to say about Spyro’s family, as the rising star has kept information concerning them away from the media.


Aside from the fact that they are known as Mr. and Mrs. Oludipe, not much can be said about Spyro’s parents.


If he has siblings -or not, and how many they are is a piece of information Spyro hasn’t shared with the press or social media yet.


Spyro isn’t married or in a known relationship, so it is as good as saying that he doesn’t have any children yet.


Spyro, Yours Truly, Artists, April 18, 2024

The Nigerian artist may be a newcomer to the country’s music scene, but his work ethic and other qualities have made it clear to the rest of the globe that he has what it takes to rule the industry.

As a high school student, he began singing in a church choir, where he got his start in music. Usher and R. Kelly were the two musicians the Nigerian singer identified as his musical inspirations, and his afrobeat-infused work shows signs of both of their influences. However, he began as an independent artist and has remained one.

With the release of his debut track, “Funke,” Spyro launched a career in music on a professional level. Renowned Nigerian musicians Davido and Mayorkun were featured in the song’s remix. The song, sadly, failed to gain widespread popularity. The song “Gunshot” by Spyro was released in 2019. The artist also released a second song called “For You” during Covid in 2020.

Spyro’s hit single “Billing,” which he released in July 2022, quickly gained much traction online, notably on Tiktok. The song was included in the top 100 Nigerian music charts and streamed on several streaming services.

“Who Is Your Guy,” a new popular song from Spyro, was released on November 25, 2023. In addition to Nigeria and Africa, the song rose to prominence. He remixed the song with Tiwa Savage and released it later in March.

The song peaked at number one in Liberia, five in Apple’s top 100 Nigerian songs, two in Ghana, Uganda, Niger, and Gambia, and two in Sierra Leone. However, the song “Who Is Your Guy” remains Spyro’s biggest and most significant hit.

Spyro, Yours Truly, Artists, April 18, 2024


There’s no information about Spyro being in a relationship.

Net Worth

Spyro, Yours Truly, Artists, April 18, 2024

The Up-and-Comer is said to be having a $15,000 estimated net worth


Spyro is a rising star, and his good hits will bring him financial value, which will see him on a variety of his choice. But, for now, Spyro hasn’t been reported owning his automobile.


Information about him owning a house hasn’t been made public to the media yet, so it’s impossible to say if he has one.

Record Label

He is currently affiliated with Tap Music Limited


Spyro, Yours Truly, Artists, April 18, 2024

In addition to “Japa,” “Amazing,” and “For You,” he has released several other songs. With the success of his songs “Billings” and “Who Is Your Guy” across Africa, the singer is beginning to gain popularity in Nigeria’s music industry. “Funke,” “Gunshot,” and “Short Dick Man” are some other songs that the Star has released. Starddition, several of his songs, including “Home and Away,” “See You Again,” “Formula One,” “Pope is a Rockstar,” and “Goth Girl,” was also released in 2022.

His biggest song remains the Chart-topping “Who is Your Guy” so far.

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