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TateKobang is the stage name of Joshua Dai’Quan Goods, an American rapper and composer born on April 28, 1992. Tate Kobang was born and raised in Northeast Baltimore, Maryland. When he was a teenager, he moved to York, Pennsylvania, where he attended Central York High School before quitting to focus on rap. After both of his parents passed away unexpectedly in 2013 within a few months of one another, leaving him aged 21 responsible for his 8 younger siblings, he decided to pursue music more seriously in order to support his family.

Kobang’s passion in music began at a young age; he sung in his church choir at the age of five, and he started writing music around the age of eleven, even though his original career goal was to be a video game programmer. In middle school, he also learned to read music and play the piano and saxophone, and in high school, he attended classes in music production. Kobang was introduced to rap by his uncle, Baltimore rapper Killa Q, who even had Kobang write songs for him. In addition to Mr. Cheeks, Method Man, and Cassidy, Kobang cites them as influences.

Career & Projects

Few rappers truly break through with a freestyle, but Baltimore’s Tate Kobang did it thanks to a freewheeling, rapid-fire rush of lyrics known as “Bank Roll.” Tim Trees’ 2000 record “Bank Rolls,” a local Baltimore smash Kobang first heard while he was only eight years old, served as the inspiration for the beat of Tate’s 2015 song. Tate started his own hip-hop career ten years later with a number of mixtapes, including 2012’s Book of Joshua.

The Crown of Thorns mixtape was released in 2014, while Live Hazey and his cover of “Bank Rolls” (same beat, different lyrics) were both released in 2015 as promotional freebies. At the tail end of the summer of 2015, Kobang got a record deal with the 300 Entertainment label after it became a huge hit. He also signed a recording contract with Nicki Minaj’s label in 2022.

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