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Members Marty Sulkow, Kelly Zutrau, and Joe Valle all met in New York through common connections while Sulkow and Valle were enrolled at New York University and Zutrau was enrolled at Cooper Union. 2007 saw the formation of the band Beauty Feast by Sulkow and Zutrau.

It finally disbanded after expanding to seven people. Despite continuing to write music, Zutrau carried on to the Rhode Island School of Design. Following their involvement in her work, Sulkow and Valle moved in with the group in Sulkow’s apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in 2012.

Before splitting up, Wet made a few impromptu demonstrations when they were all enrolled in school in New York. The three buddies got together again in Brooklyn and started putting serious effort into writing the songs that would eventually appear on their debut EP. Their minimalist electronic indie pop gained some quiet soul thanks to Zutrau’s sweet voice and love of ’90s R&B.


Around 2013, the group started scheduling shows in Brooklyn and sharing songs online. In the same year, Wet signed with the independent record label Neon Gold. When Wet signed with them, Neon Gold and Columbia Records were partners.

After receiving bids from multiple major labels, the label changed its affiliation to Atlantic Records in 2014, and Wet later signed with Columbia. Wet’s self-titled extended play was going to be released, Neon Gold said on September 24. It was made available on the band’s Bandcamp page on October 3 and October 15.

Wet made their debut in 2016 with the ethereal electronic track Don’t You before taking a different turn with the energizing instrumentation and assured vocal delivery on 2018’s Still Run. The folky “Old Bone” and electro-acoustic fusions like “Come to You” and “Larabar,” the latter of which was a highlight of their third album, Letter Blue, in 2020 and 2021, respectively, were examples of how Wet’s sound changed over the following few years.

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