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2023 Elections: Fans Blast Davido For ‘Liking’ Negative Tweet About Labour Party

There have been many conflicting emotions surrounding the election in Nigeria on February 25, 2023, including claims of widespread election fraud. And in the same vein, Popular Nigerian singer Davido seems to have angered some of his followers due to his reaction to the recently concluded presidential election.

Davido was called out alongside his colleagues Wizkid and Burna Boy for their perceived “silence” at this year’s polls, and many were against this. And not too long after, a post was revealed that showed he allegedly liked a tweet claiming the Labour Party also rigged the election.

Davido has been quiet on social media for a while, and this act seems to have infuriated most Netizens who “expected more” from the Superstar. Instead, however, the singer was seen to have liked a tweet that implied the Labour Party was complicit in election manipulation.

Davido had liked the now-deleted tweet from Deji Adeyanju that included a video of many ballots with the Labour Party’s thumbprint. In response to the tweet, the artist was threatened with cancellation, while other internet users said they saw nothing wrong with it.2023 Elections: Fans Blast Davido For 'Liking' Negative Tweet About Labour Party, Yours Truly, Top Stories, September 23, 2023

As soon as people on the internet published screenshots of Davido liking the anti-Labour Party tweet, he quickly became a trending topic. However, his action sparked mixed responses.
Davido has been a staunch PDP supporter. Therefore, it may not be a complete surprise that he liked the tweet attacking the Labour Party if it hadn’t been directed at Mr. Peter Obi, the party’s choice.

The result of the general elections was announced Three days after the voting had been concluded, and Mr. Bola Tinubu of the ruling party, APC, was declared the winner and returned to office. The result, though, has been hotly contested by disgruntled Nigerians, and the coming days will be critical following this announcement.

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