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BBNaija All Stars: Angel And Ilebaye Conspire To Prank Adekunle And Venita By Planting A Love Letter

Angel and Ilebaye, two BBNaijaAllStars housemates, have connived to prank Adekunle and Venita.

Angel and Ilebaye have chosen to pull a practical joke on Adekunle and Venita as they are couples in the Big Brother house. A fake love letter from their flamboyant housemate Cee-C was created by Ilebaye and Angel. They hatched this plan to make fun of the recently reconciled couple Adekunle and Venita and their amazing romance.

The idea was Angel’s, but she chose to share it with Ilebaye, who encouraged her. Angel, the love interest of Soma, acknowledged that she had forged a letter of adoration for Adekunle while pretending that it had been written by Cee-C.

Angel acknowledged that she went the extra mile by spritzing the letter with Cee-C’s perfume to increase the likelihood that it was actually from her. Ilebaye, however, provided a clever modification to the original scheme, suggesting that they plant the letter so that Venita would find it first. She believed that Venita would react more strongly to Cee-C’s love letter because the mother of two is fiercely protective of her love interest.

They both now have to figure out the ideal placement for the love note in order for Venita to discover it first. Since this prank will undoubtedly cause the house’s temperature to fluctuate for a time and has a strong likelihood of turning ugly, viewers expect high-quality drama.

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