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Big Brother Titans: Fans Debate Yemi’s Look, Nana’s Lie & Jaypee’s Relationship

The Big Brother Titans reality TV show has hit the ground running, and housemates from South Africa and Nigeria will be under the same roof for 90 days as they compete for the lump sum of $100K! The show began just last night but has so far gained some crazy traction on socials, especially on Twitter, where all the hot takes and gossip unfold. The show has dominated the trend table, and some housemates already have people talking. So what is our gain iSo if we don’t bring you the gist as it is hot?

We’ll start with Yemi, the Nigerian eye candy from Lagos who graced the show last night alongside other housemates. Yemi, according to his personal introduction last night, is a graduate of Lagos who has dabbled into a lot, from real estate to accounting, to modeling and, recently, brand influencing.

Yemi looks and sounds confident and has already begun making fans for himself as a former Big Brother Naija housemate, Vee, and actress popular actress Juliet Ibrahim have already tweeted about him.

On the same night, he was also seen getting cozy with another housemate Khosi, asking her some sensitive questions.

Next up is Nana, the 8th housemate representing Nigeria, introduced yesterday as a school dropout (due to financial issues) who hails from Kaduna State. Per the show’s official introduction, she owns a business, which she called the “Nana Empire,” last night while describing herself to her fellow housemates. But viewers noticed something off about her while she introduced herself to the housemates. First, her confidence level seemed to be in the mud as many believed she was intimidated by other seemingly successful housemates that had introduced themselves before her. Then she supposedly told a lie to keep up with the upper-echelon vibe the rest of the housemates were throwing off when she said she studied in Cyprus. Would you really blame her, though? The competition is not for the feeble-minded.

Then we have the gorgeous Jaypee, a professional nurse, also representing Nigeria and who hails from Lagos State. Jaypee is already making the rounds for saying she has five to seven men on her “roster” and that she was serious with just two.

She also had an interesting conversation with Blaqboi, another Nigerian contestant, where she stated how practically impossible it was to have 20 young, able-bodied people holed up in one house and not expect some nasty stuff to go down. Blaqboi found it funny, but it did not seem as though she was kidding, though she also chuckled in response to Blaqboi’s reaction. Jaypee must really be super-active in bed and definitely has the potential to bring some sizzling boy-girl drama to the show.

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