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Big Brother Titans: Viewers Discuss Ebubu’s Sense Of Humor, Olivia’s Silence, Marvin & Yvonne

Twenty housemates are competing for the prize money of $100K in the newly launched Big Brother Titans reality TV show hosted by Big Brother Naija’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Big Brother Mzansi’s Lawrence Maleka. The show got off to a great start, with the housemates getting introduced and ushered into the cozy, much bigger Big Brother house. However, it hasn’t been 24 hours since the official start of the reality TV show, and the housemates already have social media buzzing with hot gossip. While all the housemates may not be in active mode because things are still fresh, some others have already begun trending for one thing or the other, and we are here for it!

Let’s start with Olivia, the actress and influencer representing Nigeria, who began making the rounds last night when she was asked about her most outstanding achievement. Liv answered that acquiring land in the VGC area of Lekki, Lagos, would be it. Then entering the house, it was noticed that she doesn’t participate much in conversations, and of course, a Twitter user had the right meme for it.

Many think she has social anxiety, while others had things to say about her full box of shoes and the number of perfumes she had to wear all at once. Other users, however, were caught by her looks and sex appeal, while some others had a problem with her “french” accent.

Next is Marvin, a chemical engineer representing Nigeria. Marvin created his buzz right from the introductory segment of the show, where he showed off his well-chiseled-out abs and even pulled off a surprising trick with them. As that stunt took off on socials, many were quickly catapulted back in time, recalling when Marv’s face appeared on a couple of reality TV shows, including Big Brother USA, America’s got talent, and one that is even on Netflix. One user tagged him “Agba Reality TV Star,” which is to say, an OG in reality TV shows. Another called him a “Reality Show Gigolo.” Honestly not far from the truth.

Yvonne, a model representing Nigeria from Akwa Ibom State, comes in next. She truly has a strong thing for South African men because it’s been barely one day, and Yvonne has already been romantically linked with housemates Kananga and Juicy Jay. Losing no time, viewers are already ‘shipping’ Juicy and Yvonne, claiming that Juicy fancies her from how he looks and smiles at her.

Up next is Ebubu, an actor and model representing Nigeria who hails from Anambra State. The ladies’ man became an online sensation when he revealed that the quickest way girls get into his coffers is by simply calling his name softly while rubbing his head, as he also demonstrated, to the amusement of fellow housemates. So far, a good number of viewers find Ebubu fun to watch.

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