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Build Up To General Elections: Peter Obi In Datti’s Kaduna Amidst Massive Crowd

The Wind of Change has continued to blow across the country; this time, it has headed the way of Kaduna.

The Presidential Candidate and People’s Favorite of the Labour Party, and Datti Baba-Ahmed, his running mate, addressed a rally in Kaduna On Wednesday. This was more like a homecoming as Sen. Datti Baba-Ahmed is from the state.

The LP candidates also engaged in a lively discussion with state academics and intellectuals.

To make every Nigerian proud, the presidential candidate promised to secure and unite the country.
“Due to the numerous problems the nation faces, Nigerians feel embarrassed to call themselves citizens of the nation. But, he declared, “I’ll change the story.”

Build Up To General Elections: Peter Obi In Datti'S Kaduna Amidst Massive Crowd, Yours Truly, Top Stories, June 8, 2023

We are about to restore the Nigeria where everyone was content to belong,” he stated.

Kaduna State stood for Northern productivity. It stood for everything positive about Nigeria. That’s what we’re aiming to bring back. We are fed up with hearing lies.”
“Kaduna State is also home to some of the strongest military units in the nation and meant to be the safest region, but there are numerous security issues. Nevertheless, Nigeria will be made secure and unified. Security will return once more. The country’s insecurity problem is because of poor leadership, not because the bandits are more dangerous than the government.
Because of this, criminals are operating virtually indiscriminately, killing and wreaking unspeakable havoc”.

“Datti and I will turn this nation from a consumer to a producer because everything is too expensive. All of the vast regions in the north will be agricultural hubs. Kaduna State will once more serve as a processing base. The Bank of Agriculture (BoA) will finance Nigeria’s food production, and all Nigerians that support it will see their efforts for the party pay off.

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