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EFCC To Establish An Integrity Club At Lagos College

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) Lagos Zonal Command plans to launch its Integrity Club at Crescent College in Lagos as part of its strategic goals to continually educate and reorient the youth about the threat posed by the EFCC. This was one of the high points of the interaction between the students from Crescent College in Lagos and the EFCC’s Lagos Command today, February 15, 2023.

Speaking at the event, Emeka Okonjo, the Deputy Zonal Commander of the Lagos Zonal Command, urged the students to join the EFCC Integrity Club since it would allow them to represent the organization as ambassadors in the fight against corruption. Ayo Oyewole, Head of Public Affairs, Lagos Zonal Command, also spoke and informed the students on the EFCC’s preventative mandate and how they might actively take part in the national campaign against corruption.

He praised the school administrators for their efforts to raise knowledgeable, bright pupils and added that the students had shown a high level of knowledge in line with the institution’s ethos. Shukrah Odunola, a school representative, expressed appreciation to the EFCC for accepting their invitation and added that the establishment of the integrity club would help ensure that the students “are enlightened on the consequences of corruption in the society and Nigeria as a whole.”

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