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Nollywood’s Lilian Afegbai Laments After Spending N400k In Lagos Restaurant

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai just made a new reveal over some dubious services provided by various restaurants in Lagos State. She revealed in one of the episodes of her Akanchawa series how some restaurants make so much money without providing customers with value for their money. According to her, after spending such a large sum of money, she said she couldn’t eat the food served to her because it was below quality to her. She said she later offered her gateman the food.

After the Nollywood actress visited the restaurant, she came on to her social media and criticized it for its unsatisfactory service. She also questioned her followers about their bad dining experiences in her hilarious Akanchawa series.

She claimed that when she and her buddy went out to dine, they were given blue bread. She recorded a video, but the bread was too hard for her to chew. She also got a pepper soup, which contained more onions than meat. The actress further stated that she was unable to eat any of the food offered to her and that she merely enjoyed the ambience, which satisfied her. The actress begged the owners of these service establishments to make sure they serve good cuisine and focus on something more than just aesthetics and decors.

The actress’s video got feedback from fans. While some of them jokingly claimed she only paid for the photo she snapped at the restaurant, others criticized such businesses for preventing customers from enjoying their purchases by offering below-par services.

Additionally, it had been previously reported that the Nollywood actress had bemoaned having to spend so much for a ticket when she was going to Abuja for a birthday party. A ticket costing N285k startled the movie actress when she called her agent to request one. She had to clarify to the travel agent that she was not going to Ghana or Rwanda. In the end, she paid a substantial sum, but on getting to airport, the gate was closed, and she was unable to board the plane.

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