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Sabinus Shares Hot Take On Being Stingy As Netizens Reacts

Celebrity comedian Sabinus from Nigeria has now shared a hot take with his followers on how to look fresher as internet users are talking about Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru’s quite controversial opinion and his hilarious “weight-gain” tips.

The comedian and content creator shared his decision to take a new approach to giving, admitting it has improved his appearance on his official Instagram page. Sabinus claims that his cheeks are now full because being frugal has paid off handsomely. He posted a video of himself gazing admiringly in the mirror. According to the comic, he looks wonderful, and his cheeks have become fat since he became stingy.

In his words,

“Omo! Ever since I start to dey stingy, see the way I dey fat, see my cheek. Oh boy, stinginess dey pay o, wow! It pays.”

Netizens responded to Sabinus’ video in a variety of ways, with some of them sharing personal experiences. The video featured Sabinus discussing the advantages of being “stingy.” Even though it was for comic relief, Sabinus has subtly given financial advice to hustling young individuals as well as caution to entitled friends and family.

Sabinus Shares Hot Take On Being Stingy As Netizens Reacts, Yours Truly, Top Stories, December 8, 2023

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