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The Daniella Card: Reactions As BBTitans Ipeleng And Lukay Kiss

It’s not surprising that BBTitans are in the news once again… This time, it’s courtesy of Ipeleng and Lukay.

Ipeleng is being ‘dragged’ on social media for playing the “Daniella Card.” Many have coined the term “Daniella Card” to mean a pretense of being ignorant and morally upright while engaging in the opposite in hidden corners.

Since the show’s beginning, the housemate and another housemate Lukay- who coincidentally is the Head Of House (HOH),  have become too close for comfort. Ipeleng, a visitor who was supposed to stay in the same room as the HOH, admitted she felt uneasy about it and gave signs of not being interested in sharing beds or engaging in sexual frivolities.

How she transitioned from that to kissing Lukay in the show’s first week is shocking to keen followers of the reality show.

The couple was overheard kissing and even discussing seduction while in bed. Remember that Daniella was caught on BBNaija doing the same thing with Khalid right?

Ipeleng is making the news because many aren’t happy with the double standards she seems to be exhibiting.

The BBTitans is a new Big Brother franchise initiative involving housemates from Nigeria and South Africa only. In recent years, these two entertainment-loving countries have continued to trend the Big Brother show in Africa.

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