About Us

Yours Truly is the go-to place for the “rootless cosmopolitans, the avid lover of pop culture, celebrity news, music, entertainment, and so much more.

Based just out of Copenhagen in Denmark, Yours Truly takes pride in slaking the thirsts of lovers of pop culture by delivering daily entertainment and music content while avoiding the drab and the boring.

Feature articles, music, videos and charts from disparate genres and artists ensure that whatever your musical inclinations or tastes, you’re bound to find something to savor from our sumptuous feast of daily scoops.

The focus, though, is on mainstream afrobeats, pop, r&b, and hip-hop. What’s Wizkid currently cooking in the studio? And Davido? Calm down, for we’ve got answers to most of your questions. Just stick around.

And if you happen to be a news loony, impatient to ingest the latest pop culture and music trends from around the world, rest assured that Yours Truly has got something for you as well.

Although the default initiative is to focus on established acts in the industry, Yours Truly goes way beyond that. We also bring you the sights and sounds of the unreported and underreported — unknown artists whose sounds are grand, artists on the rise, and more!

We do more, of course. We profile artists as well, giving fans opportunities to get to know their idols personally, invariably watering the soil of their devotion.

Events around the world don’t escape our radar. Music festivals, concerts and the soirees in between, we report even before the pop formally. So, yes, you’re in the right place and with the right channel for your music, entertainment and pop culture fix: Yours Truly

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