Omah Lay “Get Layd” EP Review

Get Layd – EP

Omah Lay

  • Genre: Afro Soul
  • Date: 22 May, 2020
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 5
  • ℗ 2020 KeyQaad
Omah Lay &Quot;Get Layd&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024
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Omah Lay, whose real name is Stanley Omah Didia, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born on 19 May 1997. He made a name for himself in early 2020 when his self-produced single titled “Bad Influence” went viral on social media, garnering widespread recognition.

Omah Lay’s exceptional talent may lie in his technique or lyric tenor vocals, but it is neither. His true gift is his unique style of songwriting, which combines Fireboy’s creative penmanship with Wizkid’s vibes. On 22 May 2020, Omah Lay, a rising star in Nigeria, confirmed his talent with a letter to star power, stating simply, “I’m coming for you.”

Album Art

Omah Lay &Quot;Get Layd&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

The album’s cover showcases a striking purple background as a bold backdrop for the renowned artist Omah Lay. The image of the artist is presented in an upside-down fashion, causing the viewer to take notice and take a closer look. Omah Lay appears to be lost in deep thought, with two fingers resting on his eyes as if immersed in reflection and introspection. The overall effect is an album cover that catches the eye and hints at the music’s depth.

Tracks And Features

In Omah Lay’s discography, his character often embodies eccentric youth. The 5-track EP has a consistent theme of love tales, creating a natural sense of tension. The EP opens with “Damn,” a reggae fusion song incorporating a beautiful bass use. Although the beat is attention-grabbing, Omah Lay’s storytelling about a girl who loves terrible boys steals the show. “Damn” highlights Omah Lay’s talent in production and showcases his intricate songwriting skills. He sings about a lady’s affection for him and weaves in the narrative of an “unrepentant street boy.”

“Lo Lo” sings about passion and desire, taking listeners to a place where connections are made and intense emotions are felt. The upbeat beat and sultry melodies carry listeners to a world where pleasure and love coexist peacefully. The Hi-life beat of the song gives it an irresistible energy that heightens its mesmerizing allure. Those who experience this extraordinary composition have a deep impression that captivates the heart and the senses.

The music on ‘You’ is decent and leaves a lasting impact. The melody is based on an R&B beat with dancehall elements and percussion, and Omah Lay delivers his heartfelt lyrics with his signature pungent vocals. The beat is expertly produced, but the real highlight is Omah Lay’s mastery of the song’s chorus. Regardless of the verse’s meaning, Omah Lay shines in the bridge and chorus, using his lyrical poetry to evoke powerful emotions. The song’s “I Love You” message is timeless and still resonates today. Next up is ‘Bad Influence,’ with its Afro&B vibes reminiscent of 2018 Wizkid and incredible songwriting that is a consistent theme throughout the album.

The night is depicted novelistically in “Ye ye ye” from the perspective of Omah’s character. The narrative is established from the first line; there is a back story (“say she likes the boy from Enugu Down”), there are anecdotes (“Omo she be SARS, and she carries a full van”), and from there, sexual experiences are explicitly narrated, with the male’s prowess being compared to many things and people, including laundry man, animal, vanilla, etc.

‘Ye Ye Ye’ is a trap-based cloud rap song that basically says, “She goes ye ye ye” in a bedroom, but on the other side of a repetitive chorus, more information about the man is revealed. It’s a much-needed display of versatility that makes new-generation Nigerian artists sell like crazy. On it, Omah Lay discusses toxic sex with patriarchal tendencies and attractive lewdness.


1 Damn 2:39
2 Lo Lo 2:51
3 You 2:43
4 Bad Influence 2:18
5 Ye Ye Ye 3:27

Album Summary

The “Get Layd” EP is a brief yet noteworthy offering from a promising newcomer to Nigeria’s music industry, Omah Lay. His remarkable songwriting skills, which seamlessly fuse Fireboy’s inventiveness with Wizkid’s infectious energy, are undoubtedly his greatest asset. Despite minor imperfections, this project will leave a lasting impression on listeners thanks to its undeniable shock value. As such, Omah Lay is well on his way to becoming a key contributor to the ongoing evolution of Nigerian music.


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