Gunna Hints About New Music Following His Triumphant 2023 Comeback

Gunna has hinted that he will be releasing new songs “soon,” declaring that his comeback will be bigger than the losses of the previous few years.

The information was disclosed when the rapper from Atlanta remarked on the Rap Caviar Instagram page on Friday, January 5, in response to the publication asking, “@ a rapper who needs to drop in 2024.”

Speaking up, Gunna tagged himself and added, “soon.” Gunna’s reply was also met with the eyes emoji from Spotify. Many people had doubts for a long about Gunna’s ability to return to the heights he reached with DS4Ever, his first No. 1 album, just 11 months ago. Some even questioned if his career had ended completely.

But this past summer saw the release of his third album, A Gift & A Curse, which silenced the naysayers and demonstrated that the Drip King is impervious to even the most serious accusations of snitching. With a defiant edge evident in its lack of guest features and a wealth of infectious, hard-hitting anthems, the project peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Meanwhile, its platinum-certified single “Fukumean” cracked the Top 5 on the Hot 100 chart, making it one of the biggest rap hits of 2023. Gunna undoubtedly made the biggest comeback of 2023, and as the new year approaches, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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