Jada Kingdom Shares New Bikini Photos To Counter BBL Rumors

Right now, Jada Kingdom is enjoying a really big moment. All things considered, the musician has been working on some songs despite her conflict with Stefflon Don. Additionally, she is presently dating Pardison Fontaine, which has drawn a lot of attention.

This, of course, is due to Pardi’s previous relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. Meg expressed her strong opinion over Pardi’s adultery on the song “Cobra.” But Meg has faced similar accusations from Pardi. Fans of both artists have since gone to battle, and Kingdom has been forced to go along for the ride.

Megan Thee Stallion celebrated her song reaching number one this past week. She was having a blast and twerking in this video. Fans began to compare her video to one that Pardi and Kingdom had recorded a few weeks prior as a result of this.  In essence, the fans were competing to determine who could twerk more skillfully.

It also gave rise to speculation that Kingdom would own a BBL. After hearing the commotion, she posted some bikini photos to her Instagram story, emphasizing that she is a natural woman.

It goes without saying that the artist was beginning to find the remarks about having a phony behind insulting. Some fans assume far too much about other people, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. Hopefully, this will dispel any further BBL rumors—at least for the time being.

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