L.A.X Threatens To Sue A Social Media User Over False Accusations

Renowned Nigerian musician LAX has been embroiled in a storm of controversy following a woman’s outright accusation that he gave her herpes. A person on Twitter with the moniker Edna Reese claimed to have had sex with the musician and accused him of spreading herpes.

The artist has responded to these grave accusations by declaring he will file a lawsuit right now in order to protect his name and deny any untrue statements. The argument started when Edna Reese brought up a picture that LAX’s girlfriend had taken of them together on a vacation.

In her post, Edna Reese claimed to have had a sexual relationship with LAX and charged him with herpes transmission. In response, LAX declared that he was going to sue Edna Reese, stating that this would be the last time she would try to disseminate untrue information about him, while calling her assertions lies.

L.a.x Threatens To Sue A Social Media User Over False Accusations, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

Social media users also chimed in, using the comment section to share their varying opinions on the matter. While some fans sided with the lady, claiming she could actually have proof of what she is saying, others were just there for the drama, nudging the singer to make do on his promise to sue.

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