Burna Boy Claps Back At Controversial Twitter User, Daniel Regha, For His Remarks On His New Album

The controversial Twitter influencer Daniel Regha has been addressed by award-winning artist, Burna Boy, in response to his recent comments against his just released album. Burna clapped back at Daniel while appearing as a guest on the US program 360, hosted by media sensation Speedy Morman, calling him a dancing doughnut.

Burna Boy’s statement regarding afrobeats can be traced back to Daniel’s criticism and bad ranking of his album and music. Burna Boy described afrobeat as a musical style with little to no substance while announcing the launch of his own Afro Fusion musical style.

Social Media users, notably Daniel Regha, have commented on Burna’s new songs and album in response to Burna Boy’s Afrobeats statement. Burna Boy’s new album received a 3/10 from Daniel Regha, who accused him of being derivative and always releasing mid songs and sampling other people’s records.

Burna Boy lashed back, dragging Daniel Regha in response, calling him a dancing doughnut, and saying he misses his group of gullible and ignorant people.

While many social media users disagree with Burna’s viewpoints, American rapper Joe Budden believes Burna is the biggest musician in the world right now. Budden acknowledged Burna Boy as a key figure in the music industry in a recent episode of his Joe Budden Network show.

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