Mercy Chinwo And Her Husband Reveal A Rare Glimpse Of Their Newborn Child In Cute Video Challenge

The recently new parents, Mercy Chinwo, a Nigerian gospel sensation, and her husband, Pastor Blessed, entertained the public with a cute video of them showing off their adorable baby. The power couple, together with their entourage of relatives and friends, stirred things up in a recent video that was discovered on their social media handles by participating in a trending social media challenge.

With a clever twist, Mercy and her husband turned the popular “I’m not the bride” video challenge into an amusing “I’m not the child” challenge. In the video, the couple stood in line with their loved ones and friends, loudly stating, “I’m not the child,” as they aesthetically introduced themselves to the camera. Relatives like the child’s godmother, grandmother, the child’s uncle, the first-time father, and others were in the lineup.

When the line came to an end, Mercy Chinwo and her husband proudly announced themselves as the child’s parents while taking center stage. Afterwards, there was a joyful rush as everyone smilingly dashed to give them hugs.

Additionally, the gospel singer made a gripping announcement on her social media page in October when she proudly shared the arrival of her child with a creative music video and revealed her growing baby bulge.

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