Nigerian Comedy Legend, Alibaba, Reveals How Much Mark Angel Earns Monthly

According to veteran Nigerian comic and entertainment mogul, Atunyota Akpobome, better known as Alibaba, fellow comedian, Mark Angel is among the top paid comedians in Nigeria. The seasoned comedian claimed that a lot of people find it hard to comprehend that Mark earns roughly $300,000 every month.

Alibaba disclosed this when he sat down for a recent interview with The Honest Bunch podcast hosts, OAP Nedu, Husband Material, Toun, and Ezinne. He said that content and ad sales on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube account for a sizable portion of the comedian’s riches.

Alibaba highlighted that many people underestimate Angel’s riches since he doesn’t flaunt it like other prominent personalities, which adds to the doubt surrounding his financial success. Alibaba questioned social norms, pointing out that people would be quick to recognize Angel’s wealth if he worked in politics, finance, or the oil industry, for example.

In addition, the seasoned comic stressed the substantial financial rewards that may be obtained in the comedy business while pleading with the general public to value and respect the comedy profession.


Speaking further in the same interview, Alibaba disclosed that his father harbored resentment towards him for ten years since he chose comedy over law school. He added that he became driven to become a successful comic in an effort to disprove his father.

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