Skales Drops Anticipated “Proof of Life” EP To Rave Reviews

Skales, a talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer, has managed to stay strong in the music industry despite the negative publicity he has received. Even though he once faced marital problems that were widely publicized, and his home was raided by the EFCC recently, Skales has continued to make strides in the music industry.

He has recently released his much-anticipated EP titled “Proof of Life,” which features seven impressive tracks. The EP includes two lovely collaborations with 4korners on the track “Omo” and Mohamed Ramadan on the closing track “Case Closed.” Skales’ efforts in the advancement of the genre have earned him the respect of the industry, and “Proof of Life” is another proof of the artist’s remarkable talent. The artwork for the EP features the star and his newborn in a wholesome photo.

Skales, the Nigerian singer, has already released two singles—”As I Wake” and “Don’t Say Much”—from his latest project. Fans have responded positively to the releases, as evident from the streaming numbers on various platforms. The tracks “Don’t Say Much,” produced by the talented David Acekeyz, and “As I Wake Up,” which have already garnered over 3 million streams, showcase Skales’ musical prowess. With the “Proof of Life” EP, Skales is all set to take his fans on another journey, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.


1 As I Wake Up Skales 3:27
2 Don’t Say Much Skales 2:55
3 I Still Dey Skales 2:54
4 How High I Feel Skales 2:16
5 Aran Romi Skales 3:33
6 Omo Skales & 4Korners 2:44
7 Case Closed Skales & محمد رمضان 2:45


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