Taleban Dooda Drops Emotional Track “I Didn’t Know”

Emerging from East Tampa’s vibrant music scene, rapper Taleban Dooda has unveiled his latest single, “I Didn’t Know.” The track is available for streaming and its visuals can be viewed below.

In “I Didn’t Know,” Dooda showcases his unique melodic style, harmonizing with a catchy beat punctuated by a rhythmic keyboard sequence. The lyrics convey deep emotions, with lines like, “My heart was played with and thrown around.” The song addresses the anguish of heartbreak, but Dooda’s compelling chorus offers a sense of resilience and strength.

Just a few weeks ago, Dooda released another track titled “Baby,” which quickly resonated with his audience, hinting at the new direction his music might be taking. This song followed his recent album, “Taleban vs. Dooda,” which has already garnered over 3.5 million streams. Prominent outlets like XXL have recognized the album, which includes tracks such as “Going Global,” “Mind of a Maniac,” and “Major Pain.”

The release of “Taleban vs. Dooda” comes after a productive period for the rapper. Last year, he gained significant traction with his mixtapes “Step Wit A Passion” and “White Chalk & Yellow Tape.” Before these, he had released a string of singles like “Foreigns & Trackhawks” and “Sunset.” With his distinctive and powerful sound, Taleban Dooda continues to enchant listeners.


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