Davido “LCND” (Legend Can Never Die) Song Review

Davido’s LCND (Legend Can Never Die) is an emotional and reflective track that embodies the subject of his newest album “Timeless.” The song starts with a catchy and upbeat instrumental produced by Yung Willis, followed by Davido’s verses over the track. The opening line, “Wi-Wi-Wi-Willis, giddem!” sets the tone for the rest of the song and offers the audience a taste of what’s to come.

Davido reflects on the harsh reality of life in the first verse, saying that “Life is not fair” and that he has lost many of his close friends. He is grateful to be alive, though, and understands that his departed friends are watching over him from above.

The pre-chorus and chorus sections express Davido’s wish to live life to the fullest before leaving. He intends to “flex” and double his bag while living his best life because “legends never die” and they always strive for the stars.

Davido says in the second verse that he wants to talk about many topics but is at a loss for words because of what he has seen. He talks about doing things his way, but some people underestimate him. Despite this, he perseveres and will continue to ball, even if they name him Lukaku. The lyrics in this song appear to represent Davido’s personal experiences and how he is coping with his recent loss.

LCND is an anthem for anyone who has lost a loved one, encouraging them to live their lives to the utmost, knowing that legends never die. The song is both an expression of Davido’s personal grief and a message to his fans, reminding them that no matter what they encounter, they have the fortitude to overcome it.

LCND’s instrumentation and production are excellent, with Yung Willis providing a distinct sound that combines Afrobeats with contemporary pop elements. Davido’s vocal delivery is also commendable, and he demonstrates his flexibility by switching between singing and rapping, resulting in a captivating performance that will captivate his audience.

LCND is an emotional and powerful track demonstrating Davido’s versatility as a musician and ability to communicate with his audience. The track’s message is powerful and resonates with anyone who has experienced loss, giving hope and inspiration to keep going. The song stands out on the Timeless record and will undoubtedly become a fan favorite.

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