Dominic Fike “Sunburn” Album review


Dominic Fike

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 07 Jul, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 Sandy Boys, LLC., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Dominic Fike &Quot;Sunburn&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

In the world of music, Dominic Fike has a unique and intriguing journey towards his second album. Despite facing some challenges, he introduced his alt-pop style through a series of Soundcloud demos, which caught the attention of record labels and sparked a bidding war. Eventually, Columbia Records secured his talents for a significant amount. Fike has since collaborated with notable artists and gained recognition in the industry. His song ‘3 Nights’ reached number one on Billboard’s Alternative Song charts. Fike’s hard work and talent have solidified his place in the music industry.

The talented musician released his first full-length album in 2020, titled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”. With his impressive pop skills, he effortlessly blended R&B vocals, dance arrangements, and rap delivery, resulting in an exciting and delightful album. Following the album’s release, he was cast as a songwriting addict in the second season of HBO’s Euphoria. In interviews, he admitted that the character was very similar to himself, making the role easier to play. Despite his success, the musician decided to return to his roots in South Florida after moving to California and undergoing rehabilitation. The area’s hot, wild, and sometimes crude atmosphere inspired him to focus on his music even more.

Album Art

Dominic Fike &Quot;Sunburn&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

The album art showcases an impressive display of creativity by depicting two women, with one being the main focus owing to her decorated freckled face. The background elements include palm trees and a beach-like atmosphere, while Fike’s pictures are thoughtfully incorporated into colourful illustrations.

Tracks And Features

The record’s first track, “How Much Is Weed,” begins with surf-rock-like instrumentals and showcases Fike’s unique vocals. The catchy beats and rap-inspired lyrics create a fitting introduction to the rest of the album’s preppy and upbeat soundscape. From the start, Fike touches upon themes of nostalgia and reminiscence as he flips through snapshots of his life, noting that the colours have faded in the photo album.

In his latest track, “Ant Pile”, Fike ventures into alternative rock and reminisces about falling in love for the first time. He reflects on the moments that moulded their relationship, from their first-grade days to their first date in ninth grade. Fike’s vocals, electrifying guitar riffs, and infectious percussion beats make this song a delightful and upbeat addition to any playlist. “Ant Pile” is a romantic ode to young love with a post-punk twist, depicting the journey from playground antics to high school makeout.

The songwriting in “Sunburn” is engaging and touching as it delves into the different phases of Fike’s life. The author skillfully navigates through hazy memories and old family pictures without being limited by any particular genre. The album’s title track, “Sunburn,” stands out as a testament to Fike’s talent, showcasing his ability to create upbeat and catchy tunes. It can be considered as the lively and energetic counterpart to “Three Nights.”

“Think Fast” emanates a relaxed and sensual tone that conveys the importance of seizing every opportunity in life. On the other hand, “Sick” has a more upbeat and pop-like feel. Throughout the album, Fike’s alluring vocals and captivating melody take centre stage as he shares his views on love and attraction.

The song “Dancing In The Courthouse” by Fike is a personal and introspective piece that explores the theme of finding hope in dark times. With its impressive guitar melodies and powerful vocals, Fike reminisces about his teenage years in Florida, which included some encounters with the law. Despite sharing his past mistakes, Fike’s rebellious spirit shines through in this infectious and uplifting track that lasts just under three minutes. Essentially, the song encourages listeners to focus on what they can control and persevere through life’s challenges.

The latest deluxe soundtrack of Spider-Man features Fike’s soothing vocals and delicate acoustic notes, paying homage to Da Vinci. The upbeat and funky “Mona Lisa” has the most significant rap element on the record and celebrates love by using the painting as a metaphor for being unable to forget someone. The lyrics express how this person is constantly on the mind, even in famous places like Parisian paintings or on TV stations.

The track “4X4” takes the album in a folksy direction using acoustic guitars that could easily fit into a Ben Howard record. Fike sings about love and childhood, showcasing his impressive vocal range. In contrast, “Frisky” features high-energy, punchy, and treble-heavy tunes. Fike’s cheerful and sunny disposition is evident as he declares his desire to make an effort.

The song “Mama’s Boy” draws inspiration from 90s grunge and is accompanied by a captivating storyline that includes snippets of children’s laughter, playful chanting, and old-fashioned phone ringtones that evoke a strong nostalgia. With vocals that resemble those of Thundercat and Childish Gambino, the lyrics are delivered in a staccato style as Fike expresses his desire to be “a toy” in one of the album’s most tender and smoothly produced tracks. “Mama’s Boy” is undoubtedly the standout masterpiece of the record.

As the listening journey ends, the listener is embraced by the gentle acoustic strums and delightful high-pitched vocals of “What Kinda Woman”. Fike expresses his curiosity, asking what makes the subject so captivating in a relaxed and poetic manner as a final ode to love. The song highlights Fike’s impressive vocal range, showcasing the depth of his vibrato and soulful high notes with the sole accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.


1 How Much Is Weed? 2:05
2 Ant Pile 2:06
3 Think Fast 3:42
4 Sick 2:21
5 7 Hours 2:48
6 Dancing In The Courthouse 2:39
7 Bodies 2:04
8 Sunburn 2:59
9 Pasture Child 2:53
10 4×4 2:47
11 Frisky 1:55
12 Mama’s Boy 2:35
13 Dark 2:56
14 What Kinda Woman 2:14

Album Summary

Dominic Fike’s “Sunburn” album is an impressive blend of introspection, nostalgia, and love. The album highlights Fike’s musical prowess with its smooth guitar riffs, cheerful notes, and pleasing rhythms. The album effortlessly transitions between different genres, from the acoustic sound of “4X4” to the rap elements in “Think Fast” and the alternative rock feel of “Ant Pile”. Fike’s ability to excel in various musical categories shows that he is not restricted to any one genre.


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