6 Best Music Trivia Quiz Apps & Websites

Here are the 6 best music quiz platforms that you should know about.

There is nothing better than finding the right music quiz website for some of the random questions that you have bugged you for some time. There are many popular sites known for providing answers to these questions. A lot of them have gained popularity for their credibility on the internet.

In case you’re on a hunt for some of the sites to follow avidly, then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of the 6 best music quiz platforms (web and app included). And yes, they all have great reputations.

1. Quiz Global

Quiz Global is a popular quiz and trivia website. The site offers you both randomly asked questions and their answers. It also features many categories including music (which boasts over 40 different quizzes).

Each quiz is different from the other one. Each one contains various numbers of questions with different difficulty levels. This is convenient for the visitor. There are also answers allocated to every question. The topics touch everything about music from artists to songs and even genres. It also ranges across different music years including the 80s, 90s, and down to the 2020s. The best thing about it Quiz Global is that the site is that it is just as fun as it is educating. There are video tutorials and multi-choice questions to check out.

2. Song Pop App

From the title, you can tell that it would be a lot of fun to check out. Song Pop is a music quiz app that is available on both the android and iPhone operating systems. It is more of a song game that also educates and broadens your knowledge of music while you have fun.

The app works by playing different songs for you to figure out the titles to them and the artists or groups to which the songs belong to. Oh, there’s more to it. You can play the Song Pop games with your friends too, and also with global players. This helps friends bond while finding out more info about music.

3. Guess The Song – Music Quiz App

If you love music and you want a platform that lets you have fun and know more, then this is a great choice for you. Guess The Song is regarded as the number one rated app for music quizzes. Sadly, it is only available to Android users. Guess The Song lets you play solo and also allows you to play with friends using the multiplayer mode. You get to compare results and see who won when the game ends.

There’s more! Kids find the app very entertaining. It also exposes you to new talent that you might like so you don’t stick the only ones you’ve always known. Your achievement on the app is archived just to keep you motivated.

4. Music Mini (Web)

The Music Mini Website is a platform where visitors to play song quiz games on the internet. Just like a lot of the popular song quiz platforms, Music Mini lets you listen to snippets of songs and guess the answers about them. You can choose from four different languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. Some categories aren’t music to select from including Sports, movies, etc. You also get to choose one of three options;

  • 1 of 5
  • Name one
  • Name Three

5. Trivial Music Quiz App

You might as well call the Trivial Music Quiz App a fun gaming app because that’s exactly what it is. It features a fun display of quizzes which is engrossing and easily addictive. The Trivial Music Quiz App allows you to select one of 4 different answers while guessing the title of a song. It also does not focus on just naming songs, there are other questions including the origin of the song and who its actual performer is. The “Statistics” on the app show you your progress as you advance.

6. Popkwiz (Web)

Unlike some of the music quiz websites and platforms known today, Popkwiz has been around for years now. It is regarded as one of the oldest platforms when it comes to music quizzes. Depending on the decade a song was released (or that you have selected), it features a series of questions concerning songs released around that time. It ranges from the 1950s to right now. It is also well updated. If you’ve got a thing for classics and some of the old songs that aren’t well talked about today, then this should be the right place for you.

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