6ix9ine Arrested Over Alleged Assault On Producer Over Situation Involving Girlfriend

Following his reported detention in the Dominican Republic for “exhibiting high emotions,” 6ix9ine has once again found himself in the spotlight. Online footage purportedly shows the controversial rapper, Daniel Hernandez, and his group pulling up to a producer’s house in the Dominican Republic on Friday, October 13, and then the group leaving the scene a few minutes later.

Although the alleged beating was not captured on camera, the rainbow-haired rapper was later taken into custody by the police because he had beaten two individuals in response to a situation involving his girlfriend that had not gone well. The “MALA” musician was trying to board a private jet to leave the country when authorities stopped the aircraft and issued a warrant against the rapper for “blows, injuries, and threats,” according to a tweet by Felix Portes, a criminal lawyer in the Dominican Republic. Later on, though, Portes changed his post to clarify that 6ix9ine was placed on “MIGRATION ALERT” and that it was “unknown” where he was. The rapper’s location and whether he was indeed detained are unknown.

After missing a court date for a different offence, 6ix9ine faced additional legal issues in Florida this summer. As per Page Six, the 27-year-old individual was taken into custody in a Palm Beach County jail on the grounds of non-appearance but was freed after paying a bond of $2,000 almost three hours later. Police pulled over 6ix9ine in June for speeding, and TMZ claims that three traffic tickets he received led to the arrest.

According to court filings, Tekashi was speeding on the Florida Turnpike at 135 mph in a 65 mph zone. In addition, he received tickets for driving without auto insurance and having an unregistered vehicle. After that, he skipped a July court appearance, which resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant. According to West Palm Beach Defense, failing to appear in court in Florida is punishable by penalties or jail time. The type of crime and the judge’s discretion determine how harsh the penalty will be.

Months before the arrest, 6ix9ine was severely beaten by a gang of men at an LA Fitness club in Palm Beach County. In a widely shared video of the attack this past spring, 6ix9ine was shown covering his head by lying on the restroom floor while two men stood over him and punched and kicked him.

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