Tense Moment When 6ix9ine Arrives Dominican Jail For Assault On Music Producers In Hotel Goes Viral

After being detained for reportedly beating up two music producers, 6ix9ine is shown in a now-viral video arriving at a Dominican Republic jail. The footage shows 6ix9ine entering the jail while being accompanied by cops. His hands are bound behind his back, and he has on a black hoodie and sunglasses. The video captures the tense atmosphere surrounding 6ix9ine’s arrival, with onlookers shouting and taking videos. Speculations arise about the severity of his charges and the potential consequences awaiting him in the Dominican Republic’s legal system.

6ix9ine was staying at a hotel in the Dominican Republic when the event allegedly happened while he was recording a music video. 6ix9ine and the two song producers reportedly got into a fight about money. As the dispute got more heated, 6ix9ine is said to have struck one of the producers in the face.

The incident occurred during a heated argument between 6ix9ine and the other producer, escalating to physical violence. When the other producer attempted to step in, 6ix9ine is reportedly said to have hit him. According to reports, both producers were sent to the hospital for care. The altercation resulted in injuries severe enough for both producers to require medical attention, leading to their hospitalization. 6ix9ine was taken into custody soon after the event. Following the incident, law enforcement promptly apprehended 6ix9ine and took him into custody.

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