Anita Brown Responds To Nigerians Addressing Her As Davido’s Wife

Anita Brown, the American lady who claims to be pregnant by Afrobeat artist Davido, has sparked controversy with a comment about her connection with the crooner. The famed self-proclaimed businesswoman has been aggressively responding to messages from Nigerians who refer to her as “our wife.”

Netizens have reacted quickly to Brown’s affirmations, bolstering the assumption that she may be interested in becoming Davido’s wife based on her consistent reactions to those who address her as such.

Given this, one IG user replied, “@ninatheelite you are beautiful.” “We Nigerians love you and accept you as our wife,” she replied simply with a “Amen.”

Another critic called her “OBO’s wife” (referring to Davido’s nickname “OBO” – Omo Baba Olowo, which means “son of a wealthy man”), to which she responded, “Exactly big wife.”

Anita Brown Responds To Nigerians Addressing Her As Davido'S Wife, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

In more recent developments, Anita Brown has also said that before they had their late kid, Davido’s wife, Chioma, performed abortions for him. The American woman made the statement in response to others who had made fun of her for sharing sexually explicit material online in the past.

Anita also said that foreign men exploited their wives, claiming that if they were married to American women, they wouldn’t be doing so.

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