Anita Brown Returns To Shading Davido’s Wife, Chioma, And Fans React

Anita Brown, the rumored side woman of Nigerian singer Davido, has indirectly insulted Chioma Rowland once more. Anita discussed how some women have billionaires, wealthy fathers, or wealthy spouses but are nonetheless in poverty despite their seeming privileges in a thread on the new social networking platform Threads.

She called Chioma’s predicament “pathetic,” adding that a bartender for a well-known actress could fare better.

Anita Brown Returns To Shading Davido'S Wife, Chioma, And Fans React, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

According to social media users, Anita was talking way too much, also noting that she seemed upset. Her current snarky remarks are surprising given that she already apologized for making derogatory remarks and charges against the singer’s wife, Chioma Rowland.

The American businesswoman and model admitted that her emotional outburst was a result of her sadness and that it caused her to act inappropriately. Previously, the American model claimed that Chioma had an affair with Davido’s friend Peruzzi, and that their marriage was only a ruse to boost the singer’s reputation.

The alleged side chick shared multiple screenshots of interactions with Davido pleading to stop, but she preferred to be explicit rather than belittled. According to Ms. Brown, she first met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and the two dated intermittently up until the pandemic struck in 2020.

She accused the musician of allegedly impregnating her and requesting her to have the pregnancy terminated in June. Davido hasn’t yet provided any clarifications on the accusations, though.

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