Brymo Opens Up On Failed Collaboration With Adekunle Gold In Interview

The planned collaboration with singer-songwriter Adekunle Gold which didn’t see the light of day, has been discussed by Nigerian sonic artist  Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, better known by his stage name Brymo. The musician talked about a partnership with Adekunle Gold. The talented singer-songwriter, widely regarded as the king of alternative music, is known for working alone now that he has spent years consistently releasing timeless musical projects with few or no features.

Brymo Opens Up On Failed Collaboration With Adekunle Gold In Interview, Yours Truly, News, February 21, 2024

In an interview with well-known media personality Quincy Jonze, he revealed that he planned to work with award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer Adekunle Gold. Still, for some reason, the collaboration didn’t take place.

Brymo claims that Adekunle Gold approached him about collaborating, but it fell through because he (Brymo) wanted to make an EP rather than just a single to earn more money. It would have been intriguing to watch them work together because each act is well-known for their particular genre of music. Brymo continued by saying that besides Adekunle Gold, he could collaborate with other notable musicians. He mentioned that he is working on a collaboration album but did not specify when it would be released because it is a surprise.

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